A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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DNA test: atDNA

Test Information

  • Taken by Living 
    Vendor FTDNA 
    Test Type atDNA (Autosomal) 
    Ancestral surnames Ailes, Aldersea, Anderson, Ayers, Baines, Barlow, Blake, Brand, Brewer, Callan, Chaunders, Coats, Craig, Daniel, Dethridge, Edwards, Every, Eves, Fowlis, Franklin, Furlong, Gratewood, Green, Haddon, Hall, Hamson, Hancock, Hannon, Holt, Howat, Jones, Just, Kemp, Kennedy, Lyons, Lypton, Marks, Mccrae, Mcervale, Mckervaile, Moody, Morey, Morris, Murphy, Newington, Patching, Pooley, Priestly, Prynn, Ransome, Ransome (?), Rutherford, Sharod, Smith, Sparks, Templeton, Thomas (?), Travers, Walker, Watson, Wattson, Welch, Welsh, Wensley, Westbrook 
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