A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Latitude: 62.0000000, Longitude: 15.0000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adilsson, [--?--]  Abt 599Sweden I74436
2 Adilsson King In Sweden, Eystein  Abt 594Sweden I74422
3 Agnasson, Eirik  Abt 447Sweden I74473
4 Agnasson King In Sweden, Alrek  Abt 445Sweden I74466
5 Algautsdotter, Gauthild  Abt 664Sweden I74362
6 Alreksdotter, Thorborg  Abt 470Sweden I74470
7 Alreksson, [--?--]  Abt 470Sweden I74463
8 Alreksson King In Sweden, Alf  Abt 468Sweden I74469
9 Alreksson King In Sweden, Yngvi  Abt 466Sweden I74462
10 Aunsson King In Sweden, Egil  Abt 530Sweden I74451
11 Dagsdotter, Dagreid (Dageith)  Abt 449Sweden I74467
12 Dagsson King In Sweden, Agni  Abt 424Sweden I74471
13 Danpsdotter, Drott  Abt 365Sweden I74486
14 Domaldasson, Domar  Abt 361Sweden I74485
15 Domarsson King In Sweden, Dyggvi  Abt 382Sweden I74483
16 Dyggvasson, Dag  Abt 403Sweden I74481
17 Egilsson, Fusto  Abt 553Sweden I74453
18 Egilsson King In Sweden, Ottar "Vendilkraka"  Abt 551Sweden I74442
19 Eysteinsson King In Sweden, Ingvar "The Tall"  Abt 616Sweden I74385
20 Gautreksson, Algaut  Abt 639Sweden I74389
21 Gertson, Gustaf Albin  1901Sweden I121452
22 Ingvarsson King In Sweden, Onund "Braut"  Abt 638Sweden I74371
23 Jorundsson King In Uppsala, Aun "The Aged" "Ani"  Abt 509Sweden I74454
24 Kemp, John Erick  Abt 1860Sweden I33548
25 Onundsson King In Sweden, Ingjald "Braut" "The Wicked"  Abt 660Sweden I74361
26 Ottarsson King In Uppsala, Adils "Athils"  Abt 572Sweden I74440
27 Sjostrand, Lars Akesson  Abt 1842Sweden I24465
28 Solfasson, Halfdan  Abt 660Sweden I74542
29 Svegdasson, Vanlandi  Abt 298Sweden I74495
30 Urquhart, John  Abt 1476Sweden I79440
31 Vanlandasson, Visbur  Abt 319Sweden I74493
32 Visbursson, Domaldi  Abt 340Sweden I74491
33 Yngvasdotter, Ingibjorg  Abt 491Sweden I74465
34 Yngvasson, Erick  Abt 489Sweden I74464
35 Yngvasson King Of Uppsala, Jorund  Abt 487Sweden I74456
36 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 323Sweden I74494
37 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 344Sweden I74492
38 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 386Sweden I74484
39 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 407Sweden I74482
40 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 491Sweden I74458
41 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 532Sweden I74452
42 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 643Sweden I74372
43 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 644Sweden I74398
44 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 664Sweden I74543


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Solfasson / [--?--]  Abt 683Sweden F22932