A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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St. Thomas



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Arthur Sydney  Sep Q 1905St. Thomas I177418
2 Kemp, Charles John  Jun Q 1905St. Thomas I464281
3 Kemp, Doris Catherine  Jun Q 1907St. Thomas I468169
4 Kemp, Elizabeth Ann  Jun Q 1852St. Thomas I390433
5 Kemp, Ethel Susie  Jun Q 1899St. Thomas I455437
6 Kemp, Frank Saintclair  Mar Q 1890St. Thomas I440830
7 Kemp, John  Jun Q 1851St. Thomas I388978
8 Kemp, Joyce Amy  Sep Q 1909St. Thomas I179579
9 Kemp, Lewis Buckingham  Dec Q 1910St. Thomas I180219
10 Kemp, Mabel Ellen  Mar Q 1900St. Thomas I456874
11 Kemp, Mary Ann  Dec Q 1873St. Thomas I415924
12 Kemp, Phyllis Mary  Dec Q 1897St. Thomas I452725
13 Kemp, William Charles  Jun Q 1904St. Thomas I462820
14 Kemp, William Daniel  Sep Q 1905St. Thomas I177531
15 Kempe, Hettie Usticke  Jun Q 1881St. Thomas I142558
16 Kempe, Hettie Usticke  Jun Q 1881St. Thomas I375895
17 Kempe, Louisa  Jun Q 1846St. Thomas I142354
18 Kempe, Violet Annie  Jun Q 1882St. Thomas I142570
19 Kempe, Wilhelmina Lydia  Jun Q 1883St. Thomas I375946
20 Kempe, Wilhemina Lydia  Jun Q 1883St. Thomas I142575


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Kempe, Frances Maria  Dec Q 1843St. Thomas I143409
2 Kempe, Francis B  Jun Q 1928St. Thomas I143693
3 Kempe, George Henry  Mar Q 1889St. Thomas I128020
4 Kempe, Hettie Usticke  Sep Q 1881St. Thomas I142558
5 Kempe, Lydia J U  Dec Q 1910St. Thomas I143654