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South Africa



Latitude: -30.0000000, Longitude: 26.0000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bissett, Rosimund  CA 1902South Africa I72311
2 Brandt, Hendrika Jacoba Andrea  South Africa I70298
3 Coventry, Charles Wilfrid  21 Oct 1893South Africa I71106
4 De Jager, Hermina Hendrina Catherina  1833South Africa I70289
5 Drake, Florence Natalie  South Africa I38027
6 Fourie, Willem Ignatius  South Africa I70455
7 Jackson, Frank Musto  1862South Africa I70288
8 Jackson, Lisa Meg  26 Jan 1979South Africa I71063
9 Jackson, Reginald  1900South Africa I70420
10 Jackson, Vivian Dudley de Jager  10 May 1898South Africa I70419
11 Kay, Elizabeth Margaret  13 Jul 1932South Africa I55256
12 Kemp, Alan  24 Nov 1957South Africa I352938
13 Kemp, Andrew Stuart  13 Oct 1904South Africa I301432
14 Kemp, Donee  18 Jan 1959South Africa I352939
15 Kemp, Florence Elizabeth  10 Dec 1901South Africa I301431
16 Kemp, Kenneth Litchfield  25 Aug 1912South Africa I301437
17 Kemp, Margaret Rosemary  5 Apr 1916South Africa I301425
18 Kemp, Maria Petronella  Abt 1773South Africa I98010
19 Kemp, Minnie Amelia  7 Aug 1913South Africa I301445
20 Kemp, Robert Wigmore  1 Oct 1899South Africa I301428
21 Kemp, Colonel Ronald Sutherland  21 Jun 1897South Africa I209347
22 Kruger, Maria Susanna  South Africa I70473
23 Krummeck, Coralie Mildred Alexandra  23 Apr 1901South Africa I70307
24 Krummeck, Peter Johannes Jacobus  South Africa I70305
25 Mallett, Charles William Douglas  CA 1887South Africa I72282
26 Mallett, Constance Elizabeth  CA 1901South Africa I72237
27 Mallett, Florence  CA 1900South Africa I72236
28 Mallett, Frederick Charles  CA 1900South Africa I72275
29 Mallett, Guendolen Amy  17 Mar 1908South Africa I72278
30 Mallett, Helen Dorcas  CA 1906South Africa I72277
31 Mallett, Helen Lester  CA 1905South Africa I72239
32 Mallett, Kathleen  CA 1886South Africa I72281
33 Mallett, Laura  CA 1903South Africa I72238
34 Mallett, Nesta Evelyn  19 Oct 1892South Africa I72254
35 Marwick, Allan Graham  24 Jul 1877South Africa I72497
36 Marwick, Douglas Mackintosh  22 Oct 1892South Africa I72504
37 Marwick, Edith Elizabeth  4 Jul 1868South Africa I72484
38 Marwick, James Laurie  3 Jul 1895South Africa I72506
39 Marwick, James Walter  1865South Africa I72482
40 Marwick, Janet Margaret  1896 OR 12 Nov 1897South Africa I72561
41 Marwick, John Sydney  18 Jun 1874South Africa I72492
42 Marwick, Kenneth Russell  1901South Africa I72509
43 Marwick, Magnus Archibald "Fatty"  1893 OR 3 Oct 1894South Africa I72557
44 Marwick, Margaret Jane  3 Mar 1870South Africa I72486
45 Marwick, Marjory May  15 Aug 1892South Africa I72546
46 Marwick, Phyllis Marjory  1885South Africa I72499
47 Marwick, Robert Arthur  27 Feb 1872South Africa I72488
48 Marwick, Sydney Bruce  28 Jan 1900South Africa I72508
49 Muller, Petrus Johannes Moolman  6 Feb 1903South Africa I70823
50 Snyman, Anna Gertruida Cecilia  12 Mar 1906South Africa I70824

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Beatrice Maud  13 Feb 1954South Africa I300273
2 Burnett, Philip John  22 Feb 1985South Africa I70461
3 Cooke, Ellen Thelma  27 Dec 2004South Africa I119942
4 Cyrus, Mercy  27 Mar 1904South Africa I72241
5 Cyrus, Samuel  Aft 1862South Africa I73523
6 De Jager, Matthys Gottlieb  South Africa I70299
7 Erskine, Nigel Alexander John  18 Apr 2005South Africa I48651
8 Flett, Peter  South Africa I72481
9 Gale, Gertrude  1947South Africa I68164
10 George, Florella  1942South Africa I72735
11 Gerber, Anna Katharina  South Africa I70609
12 Giddy, Annie Katherine  15 Oct 1897South Africa I72250
13 Gilham, Thomas Albert  9 Feb 1900South Africa I43436
14 Greensmith, George  South Africa I2693
15 Herbst, [--?--]  South Africa I69947
16 Howell, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  South Africa I69942
17 Howell, Helena Johanna (Lenie)  South Africa I69943
18 Jackson, Annie Julia  12 Jan 1924South Africa I70278
19 Jackson, Clifford  South Africa I70281
20 Jackson, Edith Priscilla  9 Apr 1959South Africa I70314
21 Jackson, Henry Arthur (Harry)  South Africa I70291
22 Jackson, James Andrew  South Africa I70301
23 Jackson, Jessie Alicia  17 Apr 1888South Africa I67165
24 Jackson, Julius Henry  3 Nov 1856South Africa I70272
25 Jackson, Julius Robert  South Africa I70290
26 Jackson, Sidney  South Africa I70297
27 Kay, Elizabeth Margaret  31 May 1995South Africa I55256
28 Kemp, Alfred Hill  1938South Africa I36196
29 Kemp, Andrew Stuart  26 Aug 1985South Africa I301432
30 Kemp, Emily Charlotte  1947South Africa I510580
31 Kemp, Florence Elizabeth  20 Apr 1961South Africa I301431
32 Kemp, John  1988South Africa I141756
33 Kemp, Kenneth Litchfield  10 Sep 1991South Africa I301437
34 Kemp, Robert Wigmore  24 Jun 1974South Africa I301428
35 Kemp, Wellington  5 May 1943South Africa I66872
36 Kitching, Charles Watson  1900South Africa I70322
37 Labuschagne, Ben Johann  3 Aug 1980South Africa I70537
38 Mackintosh, Alexander  16 Feb 1867South Africa I73548
39 Marwick, Douglas Mackintosh  1971South Africa I72504
40 Marwick, James Laurie  1953South Africa I72506
41 Marwick, John  1925South Africa I72500
42 Marwick, Kenneth Russell  1980South Africa I72509
43 Marwick, Marjory  16 May 1894South Africa I72480
44 Marwick, Sydney Bruce  1921South Africa I72508
45 Marwick, Thomas  1921South Africa I72477
46 Masters, Doreen Julia  South Africa I70754
47 Morgan, William Albert Edward (Bill)  South Africa I69946
48 Murray, Robert William  South Africa I70451
49 Musto, Priscilla  1914South Africa I70270
50 Paris, Louis  South Africa I70280

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kemp, George Albert  Aft 9 Oct 1944South Africa I370293
2 Kemp, Thomas  Aft 20 Sep 1944South Africa I370598
3 Kemp, Wellington  Aft 5 May 1943South Africa I66872
4 Kemp, [--?--]  Aft 23 Oct 1919South Africa I370727
5 Kemp, [--?--]  Aft 8 Jul 1940South Africa I370796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Gale, Arthur  CA 1920South Africa I68803
2 Hambly, William Herbert  South Africa I30484
3 Kemp, John  1820South Africa I97222
4 Kemp, John  1820South Africa I84686
5 Kemp, Petrus Johannes  Abt 1835South Africa I135999
6 van der Kemp, Johannes Theodorus  31 Mar 1799South Africa I97267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Kemp, William Rous  South Africa I129955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Charlie Leonard  South Africa I125685
2 Kemp, Henry Albert  South Africa I125684


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drake / Hambly  South Africa F11607
2 Kemp / Adams  South Africa F13902
3 Kemp / Bouwer  Abt 1925South Africa F45533