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Maryland, United States



Latitude: 39.0002800, Longitude: -76.7502800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrick, Simon Frederick  22 Oct 1843Maryland, United States I124385
2 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1783Maryland, United States I493185
3 Brown, Susanna  Abt 1791Maryland, United States I493339
4 Carey, Thomas  1794Maryland, United States I493239
5 Cole, Sophia  1813Maryland, United States I351763
6 Fowble, Joseph Melchior  1824Maryland, United States I351833
7 Fowble, Mary E  25 May 1830Maryland, United States I351768
8 Hill, Hugh Bailey  13 Oct 1814Maryland, United States I25166
9 Horn, Caroline  11 Nov 1854Maryland, United States I351840
10 Kemp, Alexander  1850Maryland, United States I292043
11 Kemp, Ann M  1861Maryland, United States I351838
12 Kemp, Annie  1852Maryland, United States I292044
13 Kemp, Carrie M  13 Sep 1903Maryland, United States I498313
14 Kemp, Catharine  1839Maryland, United States I351806
15 Kemp, Christianne  1843Maryland, United States I351808
16 Kemp, Clarence  1900Maryland, United States I351912
17 Kemp, Clarence G  1913Maryland, United States I351846
18 Kemp, David  1818Maryland, United States I113616
19 Kemp, DeWitt E  12 Jan 1889Maryland, United States I498328
20 Kemp, Dianna  17 Aug 1836Maryland, United States I351892
21 Kemp, Effie Jane  12 Jan 1871Maryland, United States I101103
22 Kemp, Elias  15 Mar 1830Maryland, United States I90665
23 Kemp, Elizabeth  1810Maryland, United States I134430
24 Kemp, Emaline  1834Maryland, United States I351891
25 Kemp, Emile Bowdoin Potter  31 Oct 1876Maryland, United States I101104
26 Kemp, Ennis  1853Maryland, United States I292045
27 Kemp, Florence  1848Maryland, United States I351811
28 Kemp, George Martin  1855Maryland, United States I292046
29 Kemp, George W  1824Maryland, United States I292028
30 Kemp, Georgeanna  1837Maryland, United States I351805
31 Kemp, Gilbert  1784Maryland, United States I113614
32 Kemp, Henrietta  1838Maryland, United States I352045
33 Kemp, Henrietta  1839Maryland, United States I351829
34 Kemp, Henriette  1850Maryland, United States I351812
35 Kemp, Howard  1886Maryland, United States I351908
36 Kemp, Jacob F  1841Maryland, United States I351807
37 Kemp, Jane Savinia  1850Maryland, United States I351898
38 Kemp, John  1843Maryland, United States I351895
39 Kemp, John  1860Maryland, United States I292047
40 Kemp, John Thomas  1845Maryland, United States I351809
41 Kemp, Joshua Howard  28 Feb 1847Maryland, United States I351897
42 Kemp, Julie Anna  1826Maryland, United States I351824
43 Kemp, Kinsey  1833Maryland, United States I351827
44 Kemp, Laura Blanche  8 Jun 1891Maryland, United States I351910
45 Kemp, Lawrence M  1909Maryland, United States I351845
46 Kemp, Lewis  1831Maryland, United States I351826
47 Kemp, Lucretia  1845Maryland, United States I351831
48 Kemp, Lynda  1847Maryland, United States I292042
49 Kemp, Margaret  1852Maryland, United States I351813
50 Kemp, Mary A  Jan 1864Maryland, United States I351839

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ely, Charlotte Virginia  28 Apr 1944Maryland, United States I499406
2 Kemp, Annie Rebecca  16 Mar 1943Maryland, United States I134440
3 Kemp, Caroline  26 Mar 1898Maryland, United States I351893
4 Kemp, Henry Wesley  18 Jul 2012Maryland, United States I112558
5 Kemp, Hosea  12 Nov 1865Maryland, United States I351735
6 Kemp, Jacob Short  1786Maryland, United States I134423
7 Kemp, Bishop James D. D.  28 Oct 1827Maryland, United States I59309
8 Kemp, Martha  1996Maryland, United States I107549
9 Kemp, Ruby  2009Maryland, United States I107550
10 Kemp, Thomas  1892Maryland, United States I112662
11 Kemp, William  Aft 1880Maryland, United States I112661
12 Zacharias, Helmut  25 Feb 1985Maryland, United States I373751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kemp, John Nelson B.  Abt 1810Maryland, United States I493244
2 Kemp, Samuel  Abt 1805Maryland, United States I493243
3 Kemp, Samuel  Abt 1805Maryland, United States I493243
4 Kemp, Samuel  Abt 1806Maryland, United States I493243
5 Kemp, Samuel  Abt 1806Maryland, United States I493243
6 Wright, Mary Burzetta  Maryland, United States I493267
7 Wright, Mary Burzetta  Maryland, United States I493267
8 Wright, Mary Burzetta  Maryland, United States I493267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Bishop James D. D.  1787Maryland, United States I59309


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Bishop James D. D.  Maryland, United States I59309


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hiles / Kemp  Abt 1820Maryland, United States F34187
2 Kemp / Caples  10 Dec 1799Maryland, United States F97439
3 Wilson / Kemp  1883Maryland, United States F97473