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Carlton, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.8000000, Longitude: 144.9666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Winifred May  1889Carlton, Victoria, Australia I47310
2 Burgess, Maud  1889Carlton, Victoria, Australia I46820
3 Byrne, Peter Michael  Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53533
4 Carmody, John  Carlton, Victoria, Australia I54442
5 Challis, May  1916Carlton, Victoria, Australia I49869
6 Clarke, Edna Muriel  1907Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53548
7 Clarke, Reginald  1910Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53550
8 Connor, Margaret  1912Carlton, Victoria, Australia I63484
9 Crabtree, Joseph Barker  Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35834
10 Crawford, James John  1890Carlton, Victoria, Australia I44615
11 Crellin, William Charles Hector  28 May 1893Carlton, Victoria, Australia I30326
12 Cunneen, Annie  1891Carlton, Victoria, Australia I44454
13 Cunneen, Margaret Bridget  1889Carlton, Victoria, Australia I44453
14 Darling, Violet  1906Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53563
15 Davies, Natalia Ann  1893Carlton, Victoria, Australia I54492
16 Greenway, Margaret Thurza Jessie Victoria  1879Carlton, Victoria, Australia I46736
17 Heathcote, Eleanor Jessie  1894Carlton, Victoria, Australia I30152
18 Heinrich, Barbara Margaret  3 Jul 1951Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53431
19 Hoare, Henry Byron  1902Carlton, Victoria, Australia I30291
20 Hooper, Hannah Adelaide  1875Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45882
21 Kemp, Alexander Arthur  1864Carlton, Victoria, Australia I63750
22 Kemp, Alfred Ernest  Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35496
23 Kemp, Alice Elizabeth  1874Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35840
24 Kemp, Amy Beryl  1905Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53680
25 Kemp, Annie Winifred  1907Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53682
26 Kemp, Barbara May  1880Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65142
27 Kemp, Benjamin Francis  1884Carlton, Victoria, Australia I33493
28 Kemp, Caroline Eliza  1881Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45234
29 Kemp, Cecilia Mary  1866Carlton, Victoria, Australia I33566
30 Kemp, Charles Herbert  4 Apr 1874Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35424
31 Kemp, Clara Louise  1877Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65312
32 Kemp, Daisy Maud  1909Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53777
33 Kemp, Edith Emma  1883Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65404
34 Kemp, Elizabeth  Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53542
35 Kemp, Elizabeth  1889Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56415
36 Kemp, Elizabeth Jessie  1871Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45625
37 Kemp, Ellen Elizabeth  1881Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65731
38 Kemp, Ethel Mary  1876Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35866
39 Kemp, Ethel Maud  1888Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65778
40 Kemp, Ethel May  1879Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45815
41 Kemp, Florence Edith  1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56342
42 Kemp, Florence Georgina  1872Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35942
43 Kemp, Frederick Arthur  1883Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45878
44 Kemp, George  1898Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56413
45 Kemp, George Sydney  1884Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35400
46 Kemp, Gladys Victoria  10 Feb 1918Carlton, Victoria, Australia I48105
47 Kemp, Hazel  1897Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35987
48 Kemp, Henry  1879Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65997
49 Kemp, Janet Bertha  1913Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53833
50 Kemp, Jessie Florence  1905Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35962

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Virginia Jane  1934Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53359
2 Batten, Christiana  8 Jun 1912Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35843
3 Challis, May  1917Carlton, Victoria, Australia I49869
4 Clarke, Albert George  1926Carlton, Victoria, Australia I44551
5 Clifford, Debra Yvonne  24 Sep 1959Carlton, Victoria, Australia I102438
6 Edelsten, Valma  1919Carlton, Victoria, Australia I26365
7 Kemp, Alexander  1860Carlton, Victoria, Australia I1293
8 Kemp, Alexander  5 Sep 1911Carlton, Victoria, Australia I33568
9 Kemp, Alexander Arthur  1865Carlton, Victoria, Australia I63750
10 Kemp, Annie Winifred  1908Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53682
11 Kemp, Charles  1910Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53949
12 Kemp, Charles Wickham  1895Carlton, Victoria, Australia I55623
13 Kemp, Christina May  1899Carlton, Victoria, Australia I55648
14 Kemp, Clara Louise  1881Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65312
15 Kemp, Edgar Ernest  Jul 1911Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53684
16 Kemp, Ethel Maud  1888Carlton, Victoria, Australia I65778
17 Kemp, Ethel May  Nov 1920Carlton, Victoria, Australia I189
18 Kemp, Florence Edith  1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56342
19 Kemp, Gail Frances  Apr 1960Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45890
20 Kemp, George  1898Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56413
21 Kemp, Harold Charles  Jan 1928Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35505
22 Kemp, Jean Meredith  1935Carlton, Victoria, Australia I31674
23 Kemp, John Ronald  Sep 1936Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35417
24 Kemp, John Winston  8 Jun 1948Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35354
25 Kemp, Julia  1917Carlton, Victoria, Australia I36305
26 Kemp, Lois Irene  1942Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35328
27 Kemp, Margaret  1957Carlton, Victoria, Australia I46711
28 Kemp, Mary Jane  1895Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56428
29 Kemp, Mary Louise  1944Carlton, Victoria, Australia I33579
30 Kemp, Maxwell Walter  Nov 1922Carlton, Victoria, Australia I33347
31 Kemp, Pamela Gay  1953Carlton, Victoria, Australia I46880
32 Kemp, Shirley  1950Carlton, Victoria, Australia I47039
33 Kemp, Valda May  1927Carlton, Victoria, Australia I35503
34 Kemp, Violet May  1910Carlton, Victoria, Australia I53781
35 Kempson, Gerald  1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I56652
36 Kincaid, Cecil James Ellis  1907Carlton, Victoria, Australia I30558
37 Knipe, John Graham  1930Carlton, Victoria, Australia I47135
38 Leech, Mabel Frances  1943Carlton, Victoria, Australia I45899
39 Miller, Jessie  1915Carlton, Victoria, Australia I48243
40 Mitchell, Cath Clidsdale  1908Carlton, Victoria, Australia I54011
41 Mitchell, Irene  1970Carlton, Victoria, Australia I44592
42 Moss, Jane  1915Carlton, Victoria, Australia I48258
43 Oaten, Albert Robert  1917Carlton, Victoria, Australia I82030
44 Oaten, Marjorie Catherine  1923Carlton, Victoria, Australia I82034
45 Percy, Eunice Elizabeth  1899Carlton, Victoria, Australia I30655
46 Ransom, Russell Walter  1932Carlton, Victoria, Australia I33294
47 Ransome, Frederick William  1950Carlton, Victoria, Australia I42195
48 Ransome, Iris Blanch  1922Carlton, Victoria, Australia I42111
49 Sanders, Keith Phillip  1961Carlton, Victoria, Australia I47495
50 Smith, Vera Winifred  1957Carlton, Victoria, Australia I47070

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Edmunds / Dennis  6 Apr 1874Carlton, Victoria, Australia F27720
2 Fooks / Nicholson  11 Sep 1917Carlton, Victoria, Australia F27148
3 Martin / Ransome  18 Jul 1906Carlton, Victoria, Australia F6096
4 Ransom / Dartnell  1898Carlton, Victoria, Australia F6106
5 Spark / Rule  1930Carlton, Victoria, Australia F12106