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Tennessee, United States



Latitude: 35.7502806, Longitude: -86.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashley, Annie N  11 May 1876Tennessee, United States I119169
2 Bass, Harriett  21 Aug 1815Tennessee, United States I99295
3 Bass, Mary  1818Tennessee, United States I99135
4 Cardwell, Margaret  1816Tennessee, United States I99078
5 Church, IDA ELNORA  6 Mar 1876Tennessee, United States I119125
6 Clark, Isaac Claiborne  1889Tennessee, United States I373749
7 Edwards, Sarah  27 Jan 1785Tennessee, United States I482107
8 Garner, John F.  1851Tennessee, United States I292112
9 Gregory, Elizabeth  4 Mar 1831Tennessee, United States I84918
10 Grenade, Juda  6 Feb 1833Tennessee, United States I99608
11 Grigg, Eula Lavada  24 Apr 1877Tennessee, United States I99257
12 Hankins, Elizabeth  1793Tennessee, United States I140145
13 Harper, Lucretia  27 Jan 1797Tennessee, United States I99062
14 Haynie, Eveline L  1834Tennessee, United States I99214
15 Holland, Sallie S  1860Tennessee, United States I99148
16 HOOKER, John Henry  Apr 1822Tennessee, United States I373125
17 Howell, Mary Emma  Tennessee, United States I98947
18 Huff, Mahala  1806Tennessee, United States I133936
19 Jones, Barbara  8 Apr 1814Tennessee, United States I99299
20 Jones, Margaret  1807Tennessee, United States I99280
21 Kemp, Alfred  1835Tennessee, United States I99222
22 Kemp, Alice  1842Tennessee, United States I99301
23 Kemp, Allen  1847Tennessee, United States I99303
24 Kemp, Alsa  1803Tennessee, United States I99279
25 Kemp, Anderson Marshall  1831Tennessee, United States I98950
26 Kemp, Artimesia  1859Tennessee, United States I99581
27 Kemp, Bailey  25 Feb 1835Tennessee, United States I99577
28 Kemp, Baltis Lafayette  1866Tennessee, United States I351631
29 Kemp, Billy Larry  1928Tennessee, United States I351633
30 Kemp, Burrell  1827Tennessee, United States I99042
31 Kemp, Burrell  1858Tennessee, United States I99580
32 Kemp, Cornelia E.  1878Tennessee, United States I107368
33 Kemp, Crie  1864Tennessee, United States I99617
34 Kemp, Edna  1858Tennessee, United States I99224
35 Kemp, Eliza  1832Tennessee, United States I99219
36 Kemp, Eliza M  1850Tennessee, United States I99216
37 Kemp, Eliza T.  1859Tennessee, United States I107360
38 Kemp, Elizabeth  1834Tennessee, United States I99281
39 Kemp, Elizabeth  1840Tennessee, United States I99300
40 Kemp, Elizabeth  1847Tennessee, United States I99267
41 Kemp, Elizabeth  1862Tennessee, United States I99616
42 Kemp, Ellen  1867Tennessee, United States I99618
43 Kemp, Ellis N  1850Tennessee, United States I99076
44 Kemp, Emily F  1838Tennessee, United States I99236
45 Kemp, Fannie  Apr 1885Tennessee, United States I99264
46 Kemp, Florence  Jun 1890Tennessee, United States I99265
47 Kemp, George W  1850Tennessee, United States I99230
48 Kemp, Harriet May  1 Jan 1833Tennessee, United States I99160
49 Kemp, Harvey  1838Tennessee, United States I99578
50 Kemp, Harvey T.  1866Tennessee, United States I107364

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Grenade, Juda  5 Mar 1907Tennessee, United States I99608
2 Kemp, Baltis Lafayette  1939Tennessee, United States I351631
3 Kemp, Billy Larry  2009Tennessee, United States I351633
4 Kemp, Drury  Tennessee, United States I84906
5 Kemp, Henry  1827Tennessee, United States I373760
6 Kemp, Jesse Kemp  Tennessee, United States I84907
7 Kemp, Lillian Dee  1968Tennessee, United States I351632
8 Kemp, Timothy Brandon  11 Jan 2015Tennessee, United States I145332
9 Lankford, Geraldine  9 Sep 2011Tennessee, United States I90698
10 Partee, Cyntha  Abt 1889Tennessee, United States I373759
11 Rogers, Mary  Tennessee, United States I373111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whitt, William J  1781Tennessee, United States I116752


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 McGuffin, Mary  1829Tennessee, United States I137463


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barton? Hanks?, Sarah Sally Frances  Tennessee, United States I104152
2 Kemp, William Carl  Tennessee, United States I138750