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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Latitude: 45.4005556, Longitude: -75.6713889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acres, Susannah Jane  8 Apr 1873Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127213
2 Cameron, Marilyn (Marnie)  14 Feb 1930Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127254
3 Cameron, Melvin John Charles  19 May 1932Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127256
4 Cavanagh, Alvin Elmer  29 Oct 1893Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127264
5 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  1862Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
6 Cavanagh, Ira Edgar  4 Jan 1892Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127266
7 Cavanagh, John Robert  11 Mar 1864Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
8 Clarke, Mary Jane  23 Oct 1877Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127273
9 Crabb, Jennie  15 Aug 1875Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127278
10 Dickson, Georgina  27 Mar 1878Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127295
11 Dickson, James Wallace  30 Aug 1857Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127299
12 Falls, Elizabeth  1831Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127321
13 Falls, Franklin Nelson Kidd Dr  28 Apr 1894Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127332
14 Falls, Herbert Pitman  15 Mar 1878Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127354
15 Falls, Margaret  Abt 1861Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
16 Falls, Maude Emily  7 Feb 1880Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127380
17 Falls, Mildred Mary  Jan 1889Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127381
18 Fish, Douglas John  20 Oct 1918Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I72099
19 Foster, Mary Marjorie  1896Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127416
20 Grant, Adelaide Mary  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I120349
21 Groves, Sarah Elizabeth  1867Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127458
22 Hand, Ewart Selwyn  1 Jan 1883Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127472
23 Hand, Louisa Alma  1870Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127476
24 Hand, Lucy  1867Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127477
25 Hand, Margaret Inez  21 Nov 1908Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127478
26 Hand, Susannah Ann  27 Jan 1864Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127480
27 Hand, Thomas  11 Jun 1835Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I120434
28 Hand, Thomas Addison  3 Apr 1876Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127482
29 Hand, Thomas Weston  21 Nov 1908Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127483
30 Hand, William Pitman  2 Apr 1874Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127484
31 Hand, Wynne  1862Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127485
32 Isbister, Dorothy Lillian Reid  4 Apr 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I72098
33 Johnston, William James  Abt 1866Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127518
34 Kemp, "infant"  12 Mar 1931Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127525
35 Kemp, Cecil Harmon  19 May 1895Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127545
36 Kemp, Doris Evelyn  2 Jul 1922Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127559
37 Kemp, Edith Melba  12 Apr 1920Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I301210
38 Kemp, Eleanor Grace  5 Nov 1914Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127576
39 Kemp, Fletcher Hugh  20 Apr 1960Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I113334
40 Kemp, Frederick Bart Colin Keech  11 May 1909Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I123065
41 Kemp, Gordon H  1948Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127612
42 Kemp, Harry Cyril "Cy"  10 Jul 1925Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122896
43 Kemp, Orville Gamble  30 Dec 1925Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I301212
44 Kemp, William Raymond  25 Jul 1946Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I113333
45 Kenny, Adam Orville  1888Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127767
46 McCracken, Thomas  21 Jul 1913Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127797
47 O'Connor, Franklyn William  6 Jul 1904Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I352451
48 O'Connor, Harold Kidd  4 Feb 1914Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127835
49 O'Connor, Mildred Ethel  21 Nov 1909Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127836
50 Olive, Mildred Muriel  May 1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122895

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abernethy, Alexander  19 Nov 1952Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127206
2 Abernethy, William McKeever  11 Mar 1978Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127212
3 Alexander, John Silas  22 Oct 1941Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127222
4 Alexander, Violet Mabel  14 May 1989Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127223
5 Barton, Vera Alexandra  7 Apr 1964Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127235
6 Cameron, Melville Everett  1 Nov 1954Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127255
7 Cantrell, Jessie Hunt  31 Jan 1982Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127257
8 Carruthers, Beatrice Electra Maud 'Bea'  2 Dec 1976Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127258
9 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  28 Dec 1946Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
10 Cavanagh, Ira Edgar  1973Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127266
11 Cavanagh, John Robert  1955Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
12 De Kemp, Antonius  10 Nov 2011Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I99817
13 Dickson, James Wallace  28 Feb 1936Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127299
14 Donaldson, Ellard Murrah  25 Apr 1947Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127302
15 Falls, Elizabeth  9 Jul 1919Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127321
16 Falls, Elmer George Kidd  23 Apr 1947Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127324
17 Falls, Margaret  16 Nov 1923Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
18 Falls, Maude Emily  4 Jun 1957Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127380
19 Foster, Sarah  22 Sep 1906Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127418
20 Green, Olive Emma  21 Dec 1962Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122890
21 Hall, David Watson  16 Feb 1920Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127466
22 Hand, Anna Kathleen  6 Feb 1964Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127468
23 Hand, Ewart Selwyn  17 Jun 1953Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127472
24 Hand, Harriet 'Hattie' Ethel  3 Dec 1923Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127474
25 Hand, Harriet Emmeline  19 Jun 1955Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127473
26 Hand, John Roland  30 Apr 1951Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127475
27 Hand, Margaret Inez  27 Jun 1981Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127478
28 Hand, Susannah Ann  17 Feb 1934Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127480
29 Hand, Thomas Addison  2 Jul 1960Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127482
30 Hand, William Pitman  29 Mar 1951Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127484
31 Hand, Wynne  27 Dec 1883Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127485
32 Hawkins, Thelma Jean  2000Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127494
33 Hobbs, Francis Walter James  9 Nov 1965Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I25433
34 Ivey, Evelyn Grace  13 Apr 2010Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127507
35 Ivey, Hartley Samson  2 Oct 1939Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127508
36 Jacobs, Annie  27 Mar 1964Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I135361
37 Kemp, "infant"  12 Mar 1931Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127525
38 Kemp, Adam  21 Mar 1935Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127526
39 Kemp, Alfred Edwin  14 Oct 1935Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127528
40 Kemp, Anna Mary  9 Mar 1953Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127533
41 Kemp, Aubrey Edwin  19 Jan 2004Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I113331
42 Kemp, Bidwell Wright  1943Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122839
43 Kemp, Cecil Harmon  5 Jul 1905Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127545
44 Kemp, David  13 Aug 2012Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I112917
45 Kemp, Doris Evelyn  13 Aug 1988Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127559
46 Kemp, Edith Melba  2015Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I301210
47 Kemp, Eileen  2010Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I108213
48 Kemp, Eldon Howard  22 May 2011Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127575
49 Kemp, Elijah  10 Aug 1899Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I95876
50 Kemp, Elizabeth Evelyn  26 Mar 1900Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127579

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abernethy, Alexander  1952Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127206
2 Abernethy, Thelma Kirkwood  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127210
3 Abernethy, Travers Sterling  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127211
4 Abernethy, William McKeever  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127212
5 Alexander, George Roy  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127220
6 Alexander, Violet Mabel  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127223
7 Brownlee, Esther Agnes  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127250
8 Brownlee, Mary Jane  1982Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127251
9 Cantrell, Jessie Hunt  Aft 31 Jan 1982Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127257
10 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  1946Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
11 Cavanagh, Ira Edgar  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127266
12 Cavanagh, John Robert  1955Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
13 Crabb, Jennie  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127278
14 Donaldson, Ellard Murrah  1947Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127302
15 Falls, Margaret  1923Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
16 Foster, Mary Marjorie  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127416
17 Free, Fred Robinson  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127419
18 Green, Olive Emma  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122890
19 Hall, David Watson  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127466
20 Ivey, Hartley Samson  Oct 1939Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127508
21 Kemp, Adam  Aft 21 Mar 1935Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127526
22 Kemp, Alfred Edwin  1935Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127528
23 Kemp, Annie Myrtle May  1982Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127535
24 Kemp, Bidwell Wright  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122839
25 Kemp, Cecil Harmon  1905Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127545
26 Kemp, Daniel Sawyer  1965Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127554
27 Kemp, Edith Edna  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127565
28 Kemp, Eldon Howard  2011Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127575
29 Kemp, Emma Ethel  1973Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127585
30 Kemp, George Oswold  1951Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127603
31 Kemp, George Washington  1945Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127605
32 Kemp, George William  Aug 1934Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127606
33 Kemp, George William  Aft 10 Apr 1962Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127604
34 Kemp, Gertrude Maud  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127607
35 Kemp, Goldwin Otter Lt  Aft 31 Jul 1920Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127609
36 Kemp, Gordon H  2011Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127612
37 Kemp, Harry Clifford  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122892
38 Kemp, Hubert Richmond  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I123256
39 Kemp, Irene Hazel  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127631
40 Kemp, James Howard  1969Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127638
41 Kemp, Jane Maria "Jennie"  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127641
42 Kemp, Jennie Marjory  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127648
43 Kemp, John Hazelwood  1918Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127663
44 Kemp, John Norman  Aft 19 Jul 1972Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127664
45 Kemp, Margaret  1954Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127688
46 Kemp, Muriel Olive  4 Jun 2002Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I122897
47 Kemp, Richard Alfred  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127720
48 Kemp, Sarah May  Sep 1989Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127739
49 Kemp, William James Washington  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127760
50 MacIver, Alice Margaret  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I124990

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Elijah  12 Mar 1857Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127577
2 Kemp, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1857Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127578
3 Kemp, Mary Ann  10 Jul 1857Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127696
4 O'Connor, Harold Kidd  1914Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127835


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Falls, Samuel  1829Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Acres, Susannah Jane  Abt 1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127213
2 Acres, Susannah Jane  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127213
3 Acres, Susannah Jane  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127213
4 Alexander, Alice Gretoria  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127218
5 Alexander, Amy Myrtle  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127219
6 Alexander, George Roy  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127220
7 Alexander, John Silas  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127222
8 Alexander, Violet Mabel  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127223
9 Baner, Kennett  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127230
10 Bauer, Walter John  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127239
11 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  1871Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
12 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  Abt 1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
13 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
14 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
15 Cavanagh, Eliza Jane  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127265
16 Cavanagh, John Robert  1871Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
17 Cavanagh, John Robert  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
18 Cavanagh, John Robert  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
19 Cavanagh, John Robert  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127267
20 Clarke, Mary Jane  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127273
21 Crabb, Jennie  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127278
22 Crabb, Jennie  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127278
23 Crabb, Jennie  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127278
24 Dickson, Harold Hazelwood  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127297
25 Dickson, James Wallace  Abt 1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127299
26 Dickson, James Wallace  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127299
27 Dickson, James Wallace  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127299
28 Dickson, James Wallace  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127299
29 Dickson, John Wallace  1 Jun 1921Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127300
30 Falls, Borden Howard  1968Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127314
31 Falls, Elizabeth  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127321
32 Falls, Ellen Eva  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127323
33 Falls, Elmer George Kidd  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127324
34 Falls, Elmer George Kidd  1945Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127324
35 Falls, Florence Eleanor  1965Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127327
36 Falls, George  1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127337
37 Falls, George  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127337
38 Falls, Herbert Pitman  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127354
39 Falls, John  1876Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127361
40 Falls, John  Abt 1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127361
41 Falls, John  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127361
42 Falls, John  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127361
43 Falls, Margaret  1871Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
44 Falls, Margaret  Abt 1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
45 Falls, Margaret  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
46 Falls, Margaret  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127370
47 Falls, Margaret Edith  1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127371
48 Falls, Maude Emily  1881Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127380
49 Falls, Maude Emily  1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127380
50 Falls, Maude Emily  1911Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I127380

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrett / Kemp  15 Jun 1946Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41674
2 Falls / Falls  18 Aug 1915Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41727
3 Falls / Hazelwood  30 Jun 1875Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41735
4 Falls / Moffat  3 Mar 1873Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41742
5 Falls / Roberts  5 Oct 1962Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41723
6 Flexman / Adams  23 Mar 1940Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F141151
7 Gartshore / MacMurtrie  28 Oct 1928Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F1474
8 Graham / Acres  19 Apr 1899Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41660
9 Jefferson / Morris  15 Aug 1930Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41817
10 Kemp / Cavanagh  22 Apr 1891Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41694
11 Kemp / Olive  31 Mar 1925Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F39971
12 Kemp / Spratt  1917Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F79066
13 O'Connor / Falls  18 Feb 1901Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F41751
14 Tanner / Kemp  3 Jun 1926Ottawa, Ontario, Canada F39970