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Malvern, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -37.8666667, Longitude: 145.0333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cornish, Eileen Levena  21 Nov 1906Malvern, Victoria, Australia I71494
2 Cornish, George William  10 Aug 1910Malvern, Victoria, Australia I71495
3 Cunningham, Arthur James  20 Sep 1912Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30321
4 Dethridge, Kenneth George  1908Malvern, Victoria, Australia I20062
5 Kemp, Charles Denton  23 Apr 1911Malvern, Victoria, Australia I53674
6 Kemp, Leonard Denton  6 Jun 1909Malvern, Victoria, Australia I53675
7 Kemp, Reginald Somerville  1896Malvern, Victoria, Australia I46936
8 Kemp, Ronald Compton  1895Malvern, Victoria, Australia I46977
9 Kempton, Daisy  1900Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56785
10 Kempton, Francis James  Abt 1875Malvern, Victoria, Australia I54427
11 Kempton, Frank William  1900Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56784
12 Kempton, Henry Edmond  Abt 1881Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56788
13 Kempton, Violet Annie  1897Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56783
14 Lawrey, Albert Arthur  1908Malvern, Victoria, Australia I53976
15 Lawrey, Esther Amy  1909Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47142
16 Lawrey, Marjory Rebecca  1912Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47736
17 Lawrey, Myrtle Alice  1902Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47146
18 Lawrey, William Jonathan  1904Malvern, Victoria, Australia I53978
19 Moxey, Annie Maria  1894Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56883
20 Page, Alex Edwin  1899Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56899
21 Page, Clifford Kemp  1911Malvern, Victoria, Australia I54040
22 Page, Doris Lilian  1904Malvern, Victoria, Australia I54041
23 Page, Marion Elizabeth  1902Malvern, Victoria, Australia I54042
24 Pattison, Herbert Kenneth  19 Mar 1922Malvern, Victoria, Australia I46156
25 Phillips, Muriel Colman  1896Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30115
26 Phillips, Vincent Roy  1892Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56923
27 Smith, Clarence Edward  1898Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30342
28 Smith, Edith Doreen  1900Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30343
29 Smith, Phillip Harold  13 May 1903Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30345
30 Warner, Amelia Jane  1900Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30329
31 Warner, Ellen May  1899Malvern, Victoria, Australia I57005
32 Warner, Ernest James  1892Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30323
33 Warner, Lily  1895Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30325
34 Warner, Richard Mcvicker  1904Malvern, Victoria, Australia I54189
35 Watson, Arthur Victor Aldersea  28 Sep 1888Malvern, Victoria, Australia I19841
36 Watson, James Alexander Aldersea  8 Jul 1891Malvern, Victoria, Australia I21693
37 Westbrook, Ian Lempriere  1913Malvern, Victoria, Australia I28849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baulch, John  Malvern, Victoria, Australia I32693
2 Baulch, Selina  1958Malvern, Victoria, Australia I20280
3 Bebee, Katherine Howard  1946Malvern, Victoria, Australia I44784
4 Button, George Hugh  1970Malvern, Victoria, Australia I49548
5 Carthew, William Wallis  1909Malvern, Victoria, Australia I53537
6 Douglas, Louisa Rachel  2 Aug 1952Malvern, Victoria, Australia I35392
7 Douglass, Rachel Louisa  1952Malvern, Victoria, Australia I46920
8 Edward, Amy Louisa  1956Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45079
9 Higgins, Matilda Alice  1978Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47312
10 John, Emily Agnes  1982Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45717
11 Keen, Jane  1944Malvern, Victoria, Australia I42146
12 Kemp, Adeline Sarah  1952Malvern, Victoria, Australia I35856
13 Kemp, Agnes Ochterlony  1923Malvern, Victoria, Australia I1328
14 Kemp, David James  1973Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45350
15 Kemp, David James  6 Oct 1973Malvern, Victoria, Australia I362831
16 Kemp, Edward Reuben  2 Aug 1919Malvern, Victoria, Australia I36163
17 Kemp, Elizabeth Jessie  1 Apr 1966Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45625
18 Kemp, Emily Lillian  1977Malvern, Victoria, Australia I36118
19 Kemp, Ethel May  1965Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45815
20 Kemp, Florence Evelyn  1966Malvern, Victoria, Australia I35995
21 Kemp, Francis Alfred  3 Nov 1944Malvern, Victoria, Australia I33494
22 Kemp, Frederick Arthur  1960Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45878
23 Kemp, Hannah Lucy  1901Malvern, Victoria, Australia I1300
24 Kemp, John Alexander  1955Malvern, Victoria, Australia I46575
25 Kemp, Lilian Margery  1954Malvern, Victoria, Australia I35889
26 Kemp, Mabel Violet  1969Malvern, Victoria, Australia I46696
27 Kemp, Margery Simson  1973Malvern, Victoria, Australia I36102
28 Kemp, Marie  1940Malvern, Victoria, Australia I35822
29 Kemp, Marion Florence  11 Feb 1941Malvern, Victoria, Australia I35341
30 Kemp, Phillip  28 May 1901Malvern, Victoria, Australia I33110
31 Kemp, Robert George  14 Mar 1949Malvern, Victoria, Australia I13
32 Kempton, Alan  28 Jan 1957Malvern, Victoria, Australia I106136
33 Kempton, Albert Ernest  1892Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56792
34 Lawrey, Myrtle Alice  1925Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47146
35 Le Sueur, Leslie Norman  1971Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47152
36 Middleton, Charlotte  3 Sep 1913Malvern, Victoria, Australia I33111
37 Moss, Alice May  20 May 1977Malvern, Victoria, Australia I36164
38 Oaten, Henry William  12 Aug 1912Malvern, Victoria, Australia I81738
39 Oaten, Violet Agnette  Jan 1985Malvern, Victoria, Australia I81689
40 Phillips, Edith Maude  30 Oct 1936Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30338
41 Phillips, Vincent Roy  1892Malvern, Victoria, Australia I56923
42 Ransom, Ronald Keen  1944Malvern, Victoria, Australia I42150
43 Ransom, Walter Ernest  1929Malvern, Victoria, Australia I42126
44 Ricketts, Caroline Helen  6 Jun 1942Malvern, Victoria, Australia I33495
45 Rose, Charles William  20 Nov 1956Malvern, Victoria, Australia I26500
46 Rosman, Edward Edwin  1955Malvern, Victoria, Australia I47468
47 Semmens, John  17 Apr 1944Malvern, Victoria, Australia I55866
48 Smith, Edward John  14 Apr 1939Malvern, Victoria, Australia I30339
49 Smith, Florence Evelyn  1959Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45853
50 Smith, Samuel Gordon  9 Feb 1974Malvern, Victoria, Australia I41491

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Westbrook, Arthur Norman  23 Jul 1942Malvern, Victoria, Australia I29031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Crewes, Annie Josephine Gerte  1917Malvern, Victoria, Australia I45121
2 Watson, Florence Elizabeth  1951Malvern, Victoria, Australia I14


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hodges / Kemp  21 Feb 1939Malvern, Victoria, Australia F6078
2 Roberts / Woods  Jul 1940Malvern, Victoria, Australia F11908