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Gloucester, Ontario, Canada



Latitude: 45.3500000, Longitude: -75.6333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burroughs, Theressa Martha  19 Dec 1882Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127252
2 Falls, Florence May  16 Jan 1882Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127330
3 Foster, Maud Mary "Minnie"  26 Jun 1878Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127417
4 Halpenny, Eleanore Elizabeth  16 Mar 1867Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127467
5 Kemp, Adam  18 May 1859Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
6 Kemp, Elijah  5 May 1856Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127577
7 Kemp, Elizabeth  5 May 1856Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127578
8 Kemp, Emma Lucinda  12 Dec 1899Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127586
9 Kemp, George William  10 May 1857Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127606
10 Kemp, John  3 Mar 1822Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127655
11 Kemp, John Hazelwood  29 Sep 1855Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127663
12 Kemp, John Hazelwood  8 Jan 1867Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127662
13 Kemp, Joshua Henry  21 Feb 1869Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127669
14 Kemp, Lucinda  16 Feb 1863Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127681
15 Kemp, Margaret  13 Feb 1865Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127686
16 Kemp, Mary Ann  23 Apr 1857Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127696
17 Kemp, Mary Ann  16 Jan 1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127697
18 Kemp, Richard T.  1858Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127724
19 Kemp, Twin One  1872Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127743
20 Kemp, Twin Two  1872Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127744
21 Kemp, William Albert  22 May 1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127752
22 Kemp, William Hazelwood  14 Mar 1860Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127757
23 Spratt, Mary Elma  1892Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I301207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1873Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127249
2 Graham, William John  1941Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127450
3 Halpenny, Eleanore Elizabeth  18 Jan 1910Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127467
4 Kemp, Elijah  Bef 1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127577
5 Kemp, Elizabeth  Bef 1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127578
6 Kemp, John Anson  1965Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127656
7 Kemp, John Edmund  Bef 1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127658
8 Kemp, John Hazelwood  12 Apr 1879Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127662
9 Kemp, Joshua Henry  12 Jun 1941Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127669
10 Kemp, Richard T.  Bef 1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127724
11 Kemp, Twin One  1872Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127743
12 Kemp, Twin Two  1872Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Frederick G  1984Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127231
2 Boyd, Elizabeth Edna  Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127246
3 Halpenny, Eleanore Elizabeth  1910Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127467
4 Kemp, Doris Evelyn  1988Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127559
5 Kemp, J Donald  Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127634
6 Kemp, John Anson  1965Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127656
7 Kemp, Joshua Henry  1941Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127669
8 Kemp, Raymond Hazelwood  1982Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127718
9 Kemp, Robert Anson  Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127727
10 Pratt, Doris F I H  1994Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127846
11 Reid, Mary Wilhelmina  1993Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baskerville, Margaret Jane  1 Jun 1921Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127237
2 Bradley, Elizabeth  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127249
3 Bradley, Elizabeth  1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127249
4 Foster, Maud Mary "Minnie"  1891Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127417
5 Graham, Mary Ann  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127442
6 Graham, William John  1891Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127450
7 Graham, William John  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127450
8 Graham, William John  1911Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127450
9 Halpenny, Eleanore Elizabeth  1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127467
10 Halpenny, Eleanore Elizabeth  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127467
11 Halpenny, Eleanore Elizabeth  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127467
12 Kemp, Adam  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
13 Kemp, Adam  1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
14 Kemp, Adam  Abt 1881Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
15 Kemp, Adam  1891Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
16 Kemp, Adam  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
17 Kemp, Adam  1911Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127526
18 Kemp, Annie Myrtle May  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127535
19 Kemp, Cora Verna  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127553
20 Kemp, Elijah  12 Mar 1857Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127577
21 Kemp, Elizabeth  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127578
22 Kemp, Emma Lucinda  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127586
23 Kemp, Evalyn Muriel  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127589
24 Kemp, Evalyn Muriel  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127589
25 Kemp, George William  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127606
26 Kemp, George William  1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127606
27 Kemp, Hazelwood  1852Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127625
28 Kemp, Hazelwood  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127625
29 Kemp, Hazelwood  1879Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127625
30 Kemp, Ida Elizabeth  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127628
31 Kemp, James Howard  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127638
32 Kemp, James Howard  1 Jun 1921Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127638
33 Kemp, John  Abt 1881Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127655
34 Kemp, John  1891Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127655
35 Kemp, John  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127655
36 Kemp, John Anson  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127656
37 Kemp, John Anson  1914Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127656
38 Kemp, John Anson  1918Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127656
39 Kemp, John Anson  1 Jun 1921Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127656
40 Kemp, John Edmund  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127658
41 Kemp, John Norman  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127664
42 Kemp, Joshua Henry  Abt 1881Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127669
43 Kemp, Joshua Henry  1901Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127669
44 Kemp, Joshua Henry  1 Jun 1921Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127669
45 Kemp, Margaret  1871Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127686
46 Kemp, Margaret  Abt 1881Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127686
47 Kemp, Mary Ann  Abt 1881Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127697
48 Kemp, Morris Delmar  1 Jun 1921Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127703
49 Kemp, Raymond Hazelwood  1 Jun 1921Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127718
50 Kemp, Richard T.  1861Gloucester, Ontario, Canada I127724

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Affleck / Kemp  4 Sep 1929Gloucester, Ontario, Canada F41661
2 Jeacle / Kemp  8 Jul 1885Gloucester, Ontario, Canada F41814
3 Kemp / Pratt  1952Gloucester, Ontario, Canada F41848
4 Kemp / Reid  1929Gloucester, Ontario, Canada F41868