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Coburg, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.7500000, Longitude: 144.9666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aird, Heather Jean  1918Coburg, Victoria, Australia I21252
2 Kemp, Frank Leslie  9 Oct 1923Coburg, Victoria, Australia I101634
3 Kemp, Jessie Constance  1907Coburg, Victoria, Australia I53788
4 Kempton, Glenceleen Francis  1892Coburg, Victoria, Australia I56798
5 Silk, Margaret Winifred  1890Coburg, Victoria, Australia I56965


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Rose  1960Coburg, Victoria, Australia I42242
2 Anderson, Robert Stewart  28 Apr 1972Coburg, Victoria, Australia I21170
3 Davies, Elizabeth Ann  1929Coburg, Victoria, Australia I26733
4 Donald, Annie  1942Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45101
5 Donald, Vera May  1956Coburg, Victoria, Australia I39301
6 Donald, Veronica  1956Coburg, Victoria, Australia I39303
7 Evans, Charlotte  1951Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45307
8 French, Veronica May  1956Coburg, Victoria, Australia I44788
9 Impey, Grace  1917Coburg, Victoria, Australia I47971
10 Innalles, William John Crocket  1906Coburg, Victoria, Australia I53650
11 Jones, Ada Maud  1965Coburg, Victoria, Australia I44503
12 Kemp, Charles  1947Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33496
13 Kemp, Debra Gail  1962Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45353
14 Kemp, Douglas Colin  1957Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45390
15 Kemp, Edna Rhoda May  1975Coburg, Victoria, Australia I20086
16 Kemp, George Maywood  Jul 1970Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45915
17 McErvale, Henrietta Bernice  1960Coburg, Victoria, Australia I19967
18 McErvale, Philip Russell  14 Mar 1936Coburg, Victoria, Australia I19949
19 Oaten, Charles  24 Apr 1914Coburg, Victoria, Australia I81791
20 Westbrook, Henry Edmund  1939Coburg, Victoria, Australia I28913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brunning, Mary  Coburg, Victoria, Australia I36314
2 Davies, Elizabeth Ann  1929Coburg, Victoria, Australia I26733
3 Kemp, Annie  28 Apr 1917Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104308
4 Kemp, Annie  16 Jan 1942Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104309
5 Kemp, Archibald John  4 Apr 1940Coburg, Victoria, Australia I35450
6 Kemp, Archibald Philip  Coburg, Victoria, Australia I48036
7 Kemp, Archie James  10 Apr 1920Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104311
8 Kemp, Arthur  17 Oct 1922Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104312
9 Kemp, Baby  23 Jun 1913Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104314
10 Kemp, Baby  26 May 1926Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104315
11 Kemp, Beatrice Maud  1 Sep 1966Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104321
12 Kemp, Benjamin  25 Jan 1919Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104322
13 Kemp, Charlotte Ann  11 Aug 1941Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104383
14 Kemp, Charlotte Margaret  12 Jun 1969Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104384
15 Kemp, Doris Wilhelmina  12 Jul 1963Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104393
16 Kemp, Edgar Ernest  11 Jul 1911Coburg, Victoria, Australia I53684
17 Kemp, Ellen  1 Jul 1940Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104418
18 Kemp, Emily Georgina  25 Oct 1960Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104423
19 Kemp, Emma Sarah  29 Sep 1944Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104425
20 Kemp, Ethel May  1920Coburg, Victoria, Australia I189
21 Kemp, Florence  29 Nov 1922Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104432
22 Kemp, Francis Charles Trewalla  11 Feb 1930Coburg, Victoria, Australia I31960
23 Kemp, Francis Thomas  4 Oct 1927Coburg, Victoria, Australia I1366
24 Kemp, Frederick Thomas  11 Jun 1920Coburg, Victoria, Australia I48147
25 Kemp, George  9 Jun 1921Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33210
26 Kemp, George Henry  30 Jan 1957Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45912
27 Kemp, George Maywood  16 Jul 1970Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45915
28 Kemp, Harold Hopetoun Beaumont  19 May 1965Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45914
29 Kemp, Henry  16 Apr 1925Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105310
30 Kemp, Henry Edward  18 May 1959Coburg, Victoria, Australia I45979
31 Kemp, Isobel Eileen  9 Oct 1919Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105357
32 Kemp, Jane  19 Aug 1949Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105361
33 Kemp, Jeanette Mary  8 Jun 1946Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105364
34 Kemp, John Ronald  30 Sep 1936Coburg, Victoria, Australia I35417
35 Kemp, Joseph  18 Apr 1909Coburg, Victoria, Australia I53885
36 Kemp, Joshua Batty  14 Sep 1929Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33466
37 Kemp, Leslie  8 Aug 1923Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33364
38 Kemp, Mabel  16 May 1950Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105437
39 Kemp, Margaret Mary  17 Sep 1928Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105442
40 Kemp, Martha  29 Aug 1925Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105444
41 Kemp, Mary  29 Dec 1947Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105446
42 Kemp, Mary Ann  12 Jan 1937Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105449
43 Kemp, Mary Louisa  29 Aug 1944Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105454
44 Kemp, Norma Thelma  25 Jul 1938Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105471
45 Kemp, Robert  29 Dec 1919Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105477
46 Kemp, Robert  1 Apr 1920Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105476
47 Kemp, Sarah Jane  9 Apr 1938Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105493
48 Kemp, Sophia Jane  25 Jun 1940Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33312
49 Kemp, Susan  22 Oct 1928Coburg, Victoria, Australia I105497
50 Kemp, Thomas William  25 Nov 1929Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33472

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Percival Francis  Bef 1997Coburg, Victoria, Australia I48083


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duck / Chalmers  15 Apr 1937Coburg, Victoria, Australia F8085