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of Scotland



Latitude: 56.0000000, Longitude: -4.0000000


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 King Of Scotland Aedh  Abt 838of Scotland I74831
2 King Of Scotland Alexander I.  Abt 1077/8of Scotland I73909
3 King Of Scotland Constantine I.  Abt 836of Scotland I74826
4 King Of Scotland David I.  Abt 1080/2of Scotland I73910
5 King Of Scotland Duff  Abt 930of Scotland I74798
6 King Of Scotland Eochaid III  Abt 695of Scotland I74837
7 King Of Scotland Findon  Abt 660of Scotland I73725
8 King Of Scotland Kenneth I.  Abt 810of Scotland I74828
9 King Of Scotland Kenneth II  Abt 932of Scotland I74256
10 King Of Scotland Malcolm I  Abt 897of Scotland I74577
11 Prince Of Scotland Mogallus  Abt 934of Scotland I74799
12 Spondana  Abt 677of Scotland I74843
13 Queen Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 814of Scotland I74829
14 Princess Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 834of Scotland I74830
15 Princess Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 842of Scotland I74832
16 Queen Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 901of Scotland I74797
17 Prince Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 1074of Scotland I73917
18 Prince Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 1076of Scotland I73918
19 Bruce, Mary  1282of Scotland I73776
20 Cumberland, Eugene, Prince Of  Abt 899of Scotland I74820
21 Dasachtach, King Of Scotland Donald II  Abt 862of Scotland I74800
22 Picts, Urgust, King Of The  Abt 709of Scotland I74841
23 Stewart, Andrew  Abt 1290of Scotland I73743
24 Stewart, Egidia (Giles)  Abt 1296of Scotland I73747
25 Stewart, Elizabeth  Abt 1210of Scotland I73754
26 Stewart, Elizabeth  Abt 1245of Scotland I73750
27 Stewart, Euphemia  Abt 1206of Scotland I73758
28 Stewart, James  1243of Scotland I73741
29 Stewart, John  Abt 1216of Scotland I73759
30 Stewart, John  Abt 1245of Scotland I73751
31 Stewart, John  Abt 1294of Scotland I73744
32 Stewart, Margaret  Abt 1206of Scotland I73794
33 Stewart, Walter  Abt 1180of Scotland I73752
34 Stewart, Walter "Ballioch" Le  Abt 1218of Scotland I73755
35 [--?--], Queen of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 700of Scotland I74838
36 [--?--], [--?--]  Abt 714of Scotland I74842
37 [--?--], Queen Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 840of Scotland I74827
38 [--?--], Queen Of Scotland [--?--]  Abt 866of Scotland I74801


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Elizabeth  Abt 1389of Scotland I73721
2 Stewart, Margaret  Abt 1410of Scotland I73723
3 Stewart, Walter  Abt 1360/1362of Scotland I73726


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 931of Scotland F22950
2 Douglas / Stewart  24 May 1397of Scotland F24418
3 Livingstone / Fleming  Abt 1 Oct 1553of Scotland F24496