A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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United States



Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Gersham  United States I15006
2 Case, Leslie Bennett  21 Oct 1923United States I123972
3 Edmunds-Collar, Christopher  United States I88313
4 Gregory, Samuel  1646United States I14921
5 Griffis, Elsie Maud  1 Apr 1896United States I123918
6 Griffis, Harold Perry  13 Jul 1889United States I123916
7 Griffis, Ida Florence  30 Sep 1893United States I123917
8 Potter, Jennie Alice  21 Apr 1852United States I120347
9 Pratt, Harriet  1913United States I118138
10 Roy, Mabel Sarah  1897United States I127862
11 Soward, Edith Maud  United States I30333
12 Spragg, Charles  1795United States I114964
13 Stickle, Jacob  14 Oct 1793United States I123105
14 Vandleton, George H.  Sep 1875United States I124717
15 Vandleton, Hazel  Apr 1906United States I124718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bothwell, Elizabeth J  Aft 1920United States I71789
2 Briant, Ebenezer  1863United States I19676
3 Briant, William (O'Bryan)  18 Jan 1868United States I1675
4 Dinsdale, Wilfred  United States I68055
5 Edmunds-Collar, Christopher  United States I88313
6 Fenton, Frederick William  United States I127408
7 Gale, Caroline Anne Ruthven  22 Oct 2007United States I69898
8 Gale, Christopher  CA 1930United States I67937
9 Jackson, Henry  1686United States I15065
10 Kemp, Edward  Bef 5 Nov 2016United States I483100
11 Kemp, Eliza Ann  14 Mar 1914United States I124403
12 Kemp, James E  Aug 2011United States I90460
13 Kemp, John  United States I98205
14 Kemp, Reverend John Allen  30 Sep 2011United States I97206
15 Kemp, Matthew  United States I501623
16 Kemp, Robert W.  26 Jun 2012United States I112156
17 Kemp, Terry  27 Sep 2011United States I97147
18 Patterson, Daniel  United States I122829
19 Rushbrook, George  United States I64796
20 Stuart, Margaret Ellenor Louise  16 Apr 2006United States I51859
21 Voas, Mary  Aft 1880United States I75295
22 [--?--], Elizabeth Ann  Bef 22 Jan 2017United States I482406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DeVinny, Robert Hugh  1959United States I127292
2 Falls, Fern Rankin  1976United States I127326
3 Falls, Florence Hazelwood  1981United States I127328
4 Falls, Frederick Howard  United States I127334
5 Falls, Hazel P  United States I127350
6 Falls, Ina Mildred  1972United States I127359
7 Falls, Samuel Kemp  1906United States I127391
8 Falls, Willa Mary  1969United States I127395
9 Fenton, Alyce Elizabeth  1970United States I127407
10 Fenton, Frederick William  United States I127408
11 Fenton, John Lyman  United States I127410
12 Fenton, William Addison  1935United States I127411
13 Kemp, Cora Verna  United States I127553
14 Kemp, Hazel  United States I127623
15 Kemp, Marjorie Grace  United States I127693
16 Kemp, William George  United States I127754
17 Maynes, Ruth E  United States I127789
18 Schulz, Walter  United States I127873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Beasley, Susan  1920United States I292187
2 Beasley, Susan  1930United States I292187
3 Brockett, Manerva (Manetta) Frances  1870United States I292180
4 Farrell, Sylvia J.  1910United States I326680
5 Farrell, Sylvia J.  1930United States I326680
6 Farrell, Sylvia J.  1940United States I326680
7 Hackett, Dorothy Mai  1930United States I292191
8 Hodges, Amy  1930United States I145315
9 Kemp, Alline  1910United States I326681
10 Kemp, Alline  1930United States I326681
11 Kemp, Alline  1940United States I326681
12 Kemp, Annie Eugenia  1880United States I326662
13 Kemp, Annie Eugenia  1900United States I326662
14 Kemp, Annie Eugenia  1910United States I326662
15 Kemp, Annie Eugenia  1920United States I326662
16 Kemp, Annie Eugenia  1930United States I326662
17 Kemp, Benjamin Horace  1900United States I326673
18 Kemp, Benjamin Horace  1910United States I326673
19 Kemp, Burrell Jr  1840United States I84878
20 Kemp, Burrell Jr  1850United States I84878
21 Kemp, Burrell Jr  1860United States I84878
22 Kemp, Burrell Jr  1870United States I84878
23 Kemp, Burrell Jr  1880United States I84878
24 Kemp, Curtis Draper  1930United States I292190
25 Kemp, Cynthia Coreen Laura  1900United States I326657
26 Kemp, Cynthia Coreen Laura  1910United States I326657
27 Kemp, Cynthia Coreen Laura  1920United States I326657
28 Kemp, Cynthia Coreen Laura  1930United States I326657
29 Kemp, Cynthia Coreen Laura  1940United States I326657
30 Kemp, Frances Louvenia  1880United States I326666
31 Kemp, Frances Louvenia  1900United States I326666
32 Kemp, Frances Louvenia  1910United States I326666
33 Kemp, George Washington  1880United States I326665
34 Kemp, George Washington  1900United States I326665
35 Kemp, George Washington  1930United States I326665
36 Kemp, James Marshall  1880United States I292200
37 Kemp, James Marshall  1900United States I292200
38 Kemp, James Marshall  1910United States I292200
39 Kemp, James Marshall  1930United States I292200
40 Kemp, James Riley  1850United States I292179
41 Kemp, James Riley  1860United States I292179
42 Kemp, James Riley  1870United States I292179
43 Kemp, Janie Florence  1910United States I326678
44 Kemp, Janie Florence  1930United States I326678
45 Kemp, Janie Florence  1940United States I326678
46 Kemp, John Wesley  1900United States I326669
47 Kemp, Larkin  1850United States I292174
48 Kemp, Larkin  1860United States I292174
49 Kemp, Larkin  1870United States I292174
50 Kemp, Larkin  1880United States I292174

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Rushbrook, George  United States I64796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Ward, Mary  1904United States I287976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Andersson, Ruth Sigrid  1907United States I287963
2 Bevis, Lillian  1897United States I287993
3 Church, Florence Mary  1884United States I127270
4 Dean, Franklin  1880United States I135874
5 Dean, Philander  1866United States I135875
6 Finley, Margaret Jane  1885United States I287970
7 Johnson, Pearl  1925United States I135878
8 Kemp, Agnes Lettidia  1903United States I113348
9 Kemp, Charles  1851United States I288750
10 Kemp, Coultas William  United States I131989
11 Kemp, Eliza Jane  1873United States I143640
12 Kemp, Elizabeth A.  1847United States I135889
13 Kemp, George Henry  1828United States I56386
14 Kemp, Harriett  1828United States I56473
15 Kemp, Helen B  1906United States I352069
16 Kemp, Henry  1889United States I287988
17 Kemp, Henry Martin  1828United States I100892
18 Kemp, Jane  1885United States I287982
19 Kemp, John Stanley  1883United States I287969
20 Kemp, Lloyd  1921United States I135900
21 Kemp, Margaret  1881United States I127687
22 Kemp, Margaret E  1892United States I287989
23 Kemp, Martha  1847United States I135903
24 Kemp, Mary  1892United States I287986
25 Kemp, Samuel  Abt 1883United States I153784
26 Kemp, Sarah  United States I352078
27 Kemp, Sarah  1846United States I135912
28 Kemp, Sidney  1900United States I120688
29 Kemp, Stephen  1847United States I288749
30 Kemp, William  United States I61701
31 Kemp, William  1882United States I39406
32 Kemp, William  1891United States I287983
33 Latimer, Mary  1882United States I287981
34 Latimer, Mary Ann  1885United States I288001
35 Martin, Bertha Frieda  1874United States I135499
36 Maynard, William  United States I352079
37 Maynes, John Ross  24 Jan 1914United States I127788
38 McCutcheon, John  1873United States I143641
39 McNames, Catherine  1863United States I135926
40 Ottaway, Emeline  1849United States I288849
41 Tyler, Philo  1850United States I135941
42 Weinert, Carl Frank  1881United States I23734
43 Weinert, Christoph  1881United States I25233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Alfred  United States I56474
2 Kemp, Arthur  United States I56475
3 Kemp, Frederick  1863–1865United States I100912
4 Kemp, William  1861–1870United States I100911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Charles Rathwell Mc Leod  1936United States I127549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Camp, Bell  1841United States I135450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Camp, Bell  6 Jun 1841United States I135450
2 Camp\Kemp, Nathaniel  United States I116749
3 DAVIS, Joseph Elbert Franklin  United States I373193
4 Falls, Fern Rankin  United States I127326
5 Starling, Winifred  United States I136823
6 Tarpley, Nancy Winifrey  United States I116750


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berjew / Shields  14 Mar 1853United States F25481
2 Gadd / Kemp  1866United States F18150
3 Lewis / Kemp  1878United States F30966
4 Phillips / Soward  1883United States F8939
5 Smith / Sanford  United States F4051


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 Kemp / Foster  1830United States F26546
2 Kemp / Seay  1820United States F31024
3 Kemp / Seay  1830United States F31024
4 Kemp / Seay  1840United States F31024
5 Kemp / Seay  1850United States F31024