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Ohio, United States



Latitude: 40.2502800, Longitude: -83.0002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Clara B.  17 Jun 1851Ohio, United States I92567
2 Barrick, Walter Clinton  May 1856Ohio, United States I124420
3 Beebe, Angeline  Abt 1840Ohio, United States I100893
4 Camp, Lemuel Jefferson  1851Ohio, United States I353035
5 Carey, John Reese  5 Dec 1826Ohio, United States I493300
6 Dixon, Harriet Newell  19 Apr 1841Ohio, United States I93650
7 Fetty, Nimrod  Sep 1830Ohio, United States I493242
8 Gibson, Harriet  1836Ohio, United States I92474
9 Harshman, Clarence J  1890Ohio, United States I124112
10 Henry, Laura C  1879Ohio, United States I351960
11 Hilderbrand, Wesley P.  6 Jun 1868Ohio, United States I124411
12 Hollingsworth, Mary E  8 Nov 1862Ohio, United States I134339
13 Imel, Thomas Martin  10 Nov 1869Ohio, United States I352015
14 Jack, Mrs. Anna E.  Aug 1837Ohio, United States I124444
15 Kemp, Amelia "Millie" B.  Abt 1866Ohio, United States I124363
16 Kemp, Christina  4 Jun 1841Ohio, United States I95821
17 Kemp, Eva  Abt 1852Ohio, United States I95819
18 Kemp, Francis  10 Sep 1848Ohio, United States I493182
19 Kemp, Hannah C.  3 May 1854Ohio, United States I124404
20 Kemp, Harry W  1871Ohio, United States I351817
21 Kemp, John L  11 Oct 1910Ohio, United States I351957
22 Kemp, Jonah  Abt 1843Ohio, United States I95822
23 Kemp, Karlton Hubert  2 Mar 1913Ohio, United States I351980
24 Kemp, Kathleen A  CALC 1875Ohio, United States I125602
25 Kemp, Kathryn  18 Jul 1916Ohio, United States I351981
26 Kemp, Marie  Abt 1894Ohio, United States I120095
27 Kemp, Martha J.  4 Feb 1846Ohio, United States I493179
28 Kemp, Mary E  1843Ohio, United States I351765
29 Kemp, Mary E  1843Ohio, United States I351864
30 Kemp, Mildred M  5 May 1907Ohio, United States I351979
31 Kemp, Nathan G.  5 Nov 1861Ohio, United States I134341
32 Kemp, William T.  27 Oct 1851Ohio, United States I493181
33 Kemp, Willie  Abt 1858Ohio, United States I95820
34 Leamon, Jas  Nov 1849Ohio, United States I493353
35 Leamon, Sarah E  Dec 1849Ohio, United States I493354
36 Long, James  28 Nov 1829Ohio, United States I92559
37 Longerbone, Catherine  Abt 1823Ohio, United States I493279
38 McDowell, Alexander  Abt 1825Ohio, United States I92527
39 Mcgrew, Mathew  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I493375
40 Newhouse, Arretta M  May 1880Ohio, United States I351959
41 Saliers, Frederick Adelbert  5 Apr 1869Ohio, United States I124374
42 Swinehart, Mary Elizabeth  4 Sep 1839Ohio, United States I124418
43 Tucker, Sylvia  Abt 1854Ohio, United States I493318
44 Vaughn, Henry  1837Ohio, United States I24393
45 Vaughn, Ulysses S.  4 Oct 1871Ohio, United States I24396
46 Weatherhead, Margaret  Abt 1833Ohio, United States I92536
47 Weinert, Carl  Abt 1900Ohio, United States I25239
48 Weinert, Flossie M.  Jun 1895Ohio, United States I25237
49 Weinert, Francis E.  Jun 1899Ohio, United States I25238
50 Wilcox, Nancy M.  24 Feb 1842Ohio, United States I124398

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brownlee, Mary J.  19 Mar 2012Ohio, United States I104100
2 Jackson, Ethel  1967Ohio, United States I124758
3 Kemp, Daniel W.  Bef 1910Ohio, United States I123076
4 Kemp, Lenore Grace  17 Feb 1969Ohio, United States I352023
5 Kemp, Marcella Latelle  12 Jan 2015Ohio, United States I145313
6 Kemp, Richard Seers  25 Dec 2012Ohio, United States I120799
7 Satterfield, Charlotte Florance  27 Oct 2005Ohio, United States I493257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Godwin, Peter  Abt 1829Ohio, United States I493338
2 Kemp, Francis  Abt 1849Ohio, United States I493182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Larry W  Ohio, United States I90648


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cramer / Kemp  Abt 1906 OR 1907Ohio, United States F40520
2 Kemp / Anderson  12 Aug 1937Ohio, United States F32647
3 Kemp / Henry  1904Ohio, United States F97508
4 Kemp / Newhouse  1899Ohio, United States F97507
5 Kemp / Norris  1927Ohio, United States F97515
6 Kemp / Tapp  Ohio, United States F40797
7 Oster / Kemp  12 Jul 1892Ohio, United States F40067
8 Saliers / Kemp  4 Feb 1895Ohio, United States F40529