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Lexton, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.2666667, Longitude: 143.5166667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barton, Ada Lucy  1891Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20268
2 Barton, Alice  1882Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20266
3 Barton, Alice Ellen  1887Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20267
4 Barton, Annie Georgina  1892Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20269
5 Barton, Emily Jane  1879Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20263
6 Barton, Robert Thomas  2 Apr 1877Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20262
7 Barton, Walter Charles  1880Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20264
8 Baulch, Eliza  1878Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20277
9 Baulch, Elizabeth Ada  1889Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20283
10 Baulch, Ellen Verbena  1895Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20286
11 Baulch, Elma Isabella  14 May 1887Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20282
12 Baulch, Frances Georgina  1882Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20279
13 Baulch, Fred Charles  1891Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20284
14 Baulch, Harriet Rebecca  1893Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20285
15 Baulch, Louisa  1880Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20278
16 Baulch, Maria Lucy  1876Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20276
17 Baulch, Selina  1885Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20280
18 Baulch, Sylvia Rosetta  1902Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32681
19 Bellinger, Esther  15 Aug 1873Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20213
20 Edwards, Elizabeth Clemina  1913Lexton, Victoria, Australia I31816
21 Fraser, Agnes Isabella  1885Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21682
22 Giles, Robert Charles  2 Oct 1903Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21247
23 Karslake, Evelyn Jane  25 Dec 1902Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21654
24 Karslake, John Henry  1901Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32676
25 Karslake, Joyce Ivy  1904Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32678
26 Karslake, Lorna Mary  1907Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32679
27 Karslake, Mona Maria  1900Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32675
28 McErvale, Ada Jean  1889Lexton, Victoria, Australia I203
29 McErvale, Catherine Alice  8 May 1898Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19827
30 McErvale, Clifford James  1900Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19822
31 McErvale, Colin Campbell  1904Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19823
32 McErvale, Edith Penelope  20 May 1906Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19997
33 McErvale, Henrietta Templeton  23 Jun 1900Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19828
34 McErvale, Henry George  5 May 1902Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19830
35 McErvale, Ivie Campbell  1904Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19824
36 McErvale, Jean McGowan  20 May 1906Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20002
37 McErvale, John Sylvester  13 Jul 1896Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19836
38 McErvale, Margaret Annie  14 May 1904Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20004
39 McPhie, David  1887Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20011
40 Miles, Annie Elizabeth  12 Jul 1880Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23638
41 Miles, Ernest Robert  11 Jul 1882Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20217
42 Murphy, Alfred Lexton  1855Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23641
43 Murphy, Andrew Thomas  12 May 1877Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23639
44 Murphy, Isaac Alfred  29 Jun 1906Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23643
45 Murphy, Jack Albert  22 Aug 1918Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23648
46 Murphy, Robert Andrew  23 Nov 1908Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23644
47 Naylor, Martha Matilda  1882Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20335
48 Naylor, Thomas A.  1884Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20336
49 Palmby, Ada Leila  1905Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20227
50 Palmby, Dorothy Esther  1896Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20219

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barton, Alice  1883Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20266
2 Barton, Anne  1893Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20265
3 Baulch, Eliza  1955Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20277
4 Cameron, Margaret  1 Feb 1908Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21225
5 Crosbie, Arthur Crosbie  1910Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21145
6 Crosbie, Colin  1905Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21134
7 Fitzsimons, Catherine  14 Oct 1895Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20329
8 Hannon, Rhoda  31 Oct 1913Lexton, Victoria, Australia I200
9 Karslake, John Henry  1966Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32676
10 Lyons, Margaret  1909Lexton, Victoria, Australia I202
11 McErvale, Colin Campbell  10 Sep 1979Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19823
12 McErvale, Henry  1943Lexton, Victoria, Australia I182
13 Miles, Isaac  1928Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20216
14 Murphy, Andrew Thomas  25 Mar 1925Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23639
15 Murphy, Isaac Alfred  1909Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23643
16 Naylor, George Sylvester  7 May 1919Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19838
17 Naylor, John James  2 Aug 1919Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20330
18 Naylor, Martha Matilda  17 Nov 1958Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20335
19 Naylor, Mary Elizabeth  1924Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20331
20 Naylor, Thomas A.  3 Sep 1963Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20336
21 Palmby, Ada Leila  21 Aug 1906Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20227
22 Palmby, Jane  1909Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20254
23 Palmby, John  1905Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20259
24 Palmby, Robert  1862Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20258
25 Palmby, William  1859Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20257
26 Palmby, William  1905Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21630
27 Pamment, Arthur Ernest  3 Mar 1879Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20152
28 Pamment, Francis  26 Mar 1885Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20147
29 Ransome, Edmund Alan  1915Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21688
30 Ransome, William James  8 Aug 1917Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21690
31 Ransome, William James  1919Lexton, Victoria, Australia I201
32 Roxburgh, John  21 Oct 1891Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21221
33 Roxburgh, Walter James  16 Feb 1879Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21218
34 Sampson, Florence Evelyn  1896Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32669
35 Sampson, Myrtle Christina  1893Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32671
36 Sampson, Sarah Amelia  1895Lexton, Victoria, Australia I32667
37 Smith, Annie Elizabeth  1954Lexton, Victoria, Australia I183
38 Templeton, Henrietta  2 Nov 1905Lexton, Victoria, Australia I227
39 Westbrook, Leonard Albert  1901Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20167
40 Westbrook, Lily Kathleen  1898Lexton, Victoria, Australia I210
41 Westbrook, William James  1898Lexton, Victoria, Australia I208


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Emily  1986Lexton, Victoria, Australia I37231
2 Bellinger, Esther  11 Nov 1929Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20213
3 Cameron, Margaret  Feb 1908Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21225
4 Falvey, Olive Ellen  1945Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20223
5 Fitzsimons, Catherine  16 Oct 1895Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20329
6 Giles, Robert Charles  Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21247
7 Hannon, Rhoda  2 Nov 1913Lexton, Victoria, Australia I200
8 Jennings, Esther  15 Aug 1901Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20022
9 Kaiser, Elvina C.  1933Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23642
10 McErvale, Ada Jean  Sep 1983Lexton, Victoria, Australia I203
11 McErvale, Annie Olive  1968Lexton, Victoria, Australia I12
12 McErvale, Colin Campbell  Aft 10 Sep 1979Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19823
13 McErvale, Henry  1943Lexton, Victoria, Australia I182
14 McErvale, Ivie Campbell  1986Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19824
15 McFarlane, Euphmia Duncan  Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21254
16 McPhie, Norman  Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21253
17 Miles, Annie Elizabeth  1964Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23638
18 Murphy, Alfred Lexton  1929Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23641
19 Murphy, Alice Catherine  2000Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23645
20 Murphy, Andrew Thomas  1925Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23639
21 Murphy, Isaac Alfred  1909Lexton, Victoria, Australia I23643
22 Naylor, George Sylvester  9 May 1919Lexton, Victoria, Australia I19838
23 Naylor, Martha Matilda  Nov 1958Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20335
24 Palmby, Ada Leila  Aft 21 Aug 1906Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20227
25 Palmby, John Lexton  1985Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20225
26 Palmby, Thomas Leslie  1952Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20222
27 Palmby, Thomas Mortlake  Aft 15 Jul 1941Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20218
28 Pamment, Ada Ruth  Aft 14 Mar 1942Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20151
29 Pamment, Benjamin  26 Jul 1893Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20021
30 Ransome, James Lyons  12 Sep 1941Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21689
31 Ransome, Leslie Gordon  Mar 1928Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21685
32 Ransome, Melvina Mavis  2 Feb 1993Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20169
33 Ransome, William James  7 Jan 1957Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21622
34 Retallick, Allen James  1923Lexton, Victoria, Australia I24708
35 Retallick, Joseph James  1960Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20214
36 Retallick, Kenneth Oswald  1989Lexton, Victoria, Australia I24709
37 Roxburgh, John  Oct 1891Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21221
38 Roxburgh, John Cameron  Jan 1935Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21215
39 Roxburgh, Margaret Annie  Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21248
40 Roxburgh, Robert George Trotter  Oct 1978Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20897
41 Roxburgh, Walter James  Feb 1879Lexton, Victoria, Australia I21218
42 Smith, Annie Elizabeth  1954Lexton, Victoria, Australia I183
43 Westbrook, Alan Gordon  30 Dec 1971Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20168
44 Westbrook, Francis Ransome  30 Jul 1929Lexton, Victoria, Australia I11
45 Westbrook, James  7 Dec 1896Lexton, Victoria, Australia I199
46 [--?--], Ena Elizabeth  1994Lexton, Victoria, Australia I37232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bellinger, Charles  1872Lexton, Victoria, Australia I20212
2 Lyons, Margaret  Abt 1863Lexton, Victoria, Australia I202
3 McErvale, Henry  Abt 1918Lexton, Victoria, Australia I182
4 Ransome, William James  Abt 1863Lexton, Victoria, Australia I201
5 Ransome, William James  Abt 1864Lexton, Victoria, Australia I201
6 Westbrook, Francis Ransome  Abt 1918Lexton, Victoria, Australia I11


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Ransome, William James  Abt 1863Lexton, Victoria, Australia I201
2 Westbrook, Catherine Jean  Lexton, Victoria, Australia I10
3 Westbrook, Francis Ransome  Abt 1918Lexton, Victoria, Australia I11


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lyons, Margaret  Abt 1863Lexton, Victoria, Australia I202
2 Ransome, William James  Abt 1863Lexton, Victoria, Australia I201
3 Westbrook, Francis Ransome  Lexton, Victoria, Australia I11


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bellinger / Pamment  22 Oct 1872Lexton, Victoria, Australia F5619
2 Palmby / Taylor  Between 1850 and 1853Lexton, Victoria, Australia F5635
3 Ransome / Lyons  11 Nov 1863Lexton, Victoria, Australia F45
4 Roxburgh / McErvale  1911Lexton, Victoria, Australia F5477
5 Westbrook / McErvale  29 Jun 1918Lexton, Victoria, Australia F4