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Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland



Latitude: 53.9835917, Longitude: -7.3749500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Etherton, Zephora or Sophia  Abt 1780Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118194
2 Kemp, Alexander  May 1832Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I62677
3 Kemp, Charles  14 May 1852Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118212
4 Kemp, Charles William  1890Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118216
5 Kemp, Eliza  7 May 1849Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118219
6 Kemp, Elizabeth  14 Dec 1879Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118220
7 Kemp, Francis  Nov 1837Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118223
8 Kemp, Francis Thomas  16 Jul 1841Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I22650
9 Kemp, John Thomas  1877Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118230
10 Kemp, Letitia  Feb 1844Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I22646
11 Kemp, Margaret  Feb 1811Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118205
12 Kemp, Maria  Jan 1809Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118206
13 Kemp, Maria  Jul 1834Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118234
14 Kemp, Mary Ann  13 Jan 1839Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I22649
15 Kemp, Mary Anne  1882Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118238
16 Kemp, Sarah Jane  1888Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118240
17 Kemp, Sophia  Jan 1829Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118242
18 Kemp, Thomas  Sep 1813Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118244
19 Kemp, Thomas  18 Dec 1846Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118245
20 Kemp, William  Jan 1816Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118248
21 Kemp, Zephorah  Jan 1817Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118249
22 Kemp (Kamp?), Alexander  Abt 1780Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118209
23 Kemp (Kamp?), Charles  28 Feb 1807Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I22647
24 Kemp (Kamp?), James  Apr 1805Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118226


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Etherton, Zephora or Sophia  31 Dec 1848Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118194
2 Kemp, Charles  18 Jul 1913Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118212
3 Kemp (Kamp?), Alexander  Abt 1844Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118209
4 Kemp (Kamp?), Charles  18 Mar 1870Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I22647
5 Kemp (Kamp?), James  Jun 1844Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118226
6 Williams, Matilda  6 Apr 1933Drumgola, Urney, Cavan, Ireland I118260