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Colac, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -38.3333333, Longitude: 143.5833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Queenie May  1915Colac, Victoria, Australia I47860
2 Anderson, Robert John Alex William  1912Colac, Victoria, Australia I44278
3 Baker, Emily George  20 Nov 1873Colac, Victoria, Australia I49463
4 Baker, George Walter  1869Colac, Victoria, Australia I49457
5 Baker, Herbert Albert George  1871Colac, Victoria, Australia I49459
6 Baker, Walter George  1872Colac, Victoria, Australia I49461
7 Batchelor, Alice  10 Oct 1863Colac, Victoria, Australia I42924
8 Batchelor, Ellen  21 Jun 1858Colac, Victoria, Australia I42927
9 Batchelor, Emma  20 Oct 1851Colac, Victoria, Australia I42918
10 Batchelor, George  9 Sep 1862Colac, Victoria, Australia I42923
11 Batchelor, John  1855Colac, Victoria, Australia I42920
12 Batchelor, Margaret  20 Mar 1867Colac, Victoria, Australia I42925
13 Batchelor, Robert  17 Oct 1860Colac, Victoria, Australia I42922
14 Batchelor, Sarah  1855Colac, Victoria, Australia I42919
15 Batchelor, William  12 May 1857Colac, Victoria, Australia I42921
16 Beat, Alexander James  1874Colac, Victoria, Australia I42942
17 Beat, David John  1868Colac, Victoria, Australia I42940
18 Beat, Ellen Mabel  1870Colac, Victoria, Australia I42941
19 Beat, Isabella Christina  1866Colac, Victoria, Australia I42939
20 Beat, Margaret  1855Colac, Victoria, Australia I42934
21 Beat, Martha Cunningham  1872Colac, Victoria, Australia I42933
22 Butcher, Dorothy June  7 Jun 1942Colac, Victoria, Australia I55677
23 Gaylard, Albert Ernest  1889Colac, Victoria, Australia I118375
24 Gaylard, Charles Frederick  1895Colac, Victoria, Australia I118377
25 Gaylard, Ettie May  1881Colac, Victoria, Australia I118378
26 Gaylard, Frederick  1873Colac, Victoria, Australia I118379
27 Gaylard, George  1875Colac, Victoria, Australia I118380
28 Gaylard, Harriet Ann  1879Colac, Victoria, Australia I118381
29 Gaylard, Henry James  1893Colac, Victoria, Australia I118382
30 Gaylard, Henry Thomas  1867Colac, Victoria, Australia I118383
31 Gaylard, Ivy Elizabeth  8 Jan 1893Colac, Victoria, Australia I118384
32 Gaylard, James  1871Colac, Victoria, Australia I118385
33 Gaylard, John William  1884Colac, Victoria, Australia I118386
34 Gaylard, Mary  1869Colac, Victoria, Australia I118388
35 Gaylard, Ruby Mat  1886Colac, Victoria, Australia I118389
36 Gaylard, Sarah Jane  1877Colac, Victoria, Australia I118390
37 Harris, Harold David  6 Jan 1921Colac, Victoria, Australia I351613
38 Harris, Jean Hilton  21 Apr 1919Colac, Victoria, Australia I351612
39 Harris, Mona Estelle  17 Dec 1927Colac, Victoria, Australia I351615
40 Harris, Philip Arthur  5 Sep 1924Colac, Victoria, Australia I351614
41 Harris, Rita May  12 Sep 1917Colac, Victoria, Australia I351611
42 Healey, Gladys Lilian  1906Colac, Victoria, Australia I539094
43 Kemp, Adeline Sarah  1899Colac, Victoria, Australia I35856
44 Kemp, Albert Ernest  1914Colac, Victoria, Australia I48026
45 Kemp, Albert Ronald  1909Colac, Victoria, Australia I38218
46 Kemp, Alexander  28 May 1878Colac, Victoria, Australia I33545
47 Kemp, Alexander James  25 Jun 1903Colac, Victoria, Australia I33544
48 Kemp, Alice Maude  1889Colac, Victoria, Australia I35948
49 Kemp, Allan Gordon  1914Colac, Victoria, Australia I48030
50 Kemp, Ann  15 Jul 1869Colac, Victoria, Australia I38222

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Emma  3 May 1852Colac, Victoria, Australia I42918
2 Batchelor, Henrietta  28 Jan 1872Colac, Victoria, Australia I42926
3 Kemp, Alexander  13 Oct 1878Colac, Victoria, Australia I33545
4 Kemp, Alexander James  24 Aug 1903Colac, Victoria, Australia I33544
5 Kemp, Ann  13 Jun 1872Colac, Victoria, Australia I38222
6 Kemp, Anne Mary  15 Dec 1875Colac, Victoria, Australia I36144
7 Kemp, Archibald Joseph  19 Dec 1883Colac, Victoria, Australia I38363
8 Kemp, Arthur Clarence  20 Mar 1889Colac, Victoria, Australia I38231
9 Kemp, Bessie  10 Feb 1888Colac, Victoria, Australia I36151
10 Kemp, Charles William Edward  20 Jun 1882Colac, Victoria, Australia I38362
11 Kemp, Colin  21 Mar 1883Colac, Victoria, Australia I33571
12 Kemp, David Henry  12 May 1875Colac, Victoria, Australia I38224
13 Kemp, Edward Albert  8 Sep 1878Colac, Victoria, Australia I38329
14 Kemp, Elizabeth Jane  21 May 1884Colac, Victoria, Australia I35846
15 Kemp, Ellen Fairest  21 May 1884Colac, Victoria, Australia I36112
16 Kemp, Ethel Maud  6 Nov 1890Colac, Victoria, Australia I38229
17 Kemp, Eva Lily  21 Sep 1881Colac, Victoria, Australia I38361
18 Kemp, George  15 Sep 1886Colac, Victoria, Australia I38230
19 Kemp, Gordon Eric  25 Oct 1893Colac, Victoria, Australia I38337
20 Kemp, Harold Norman  27 Dec 1905Colac, Victoria, Australia I38217
21 Kemp, Henry Alexander  19 Aug 1885Colac, Victoria, Australia I38364
22 Kemp, Isabella Marion  21 Sep 1881Colac, Victoria, Australia I33132
23 Kemp, Ivy Margaret  17 Aug 1887Colac, Victoria, Australia I38365
24 Kemp, James Claud Grant  5 Jun 1900Colac, Victoria, Australia I38368
25 Kemp, James Stewart  20 Apr 1885Colac, Victoria, Australia I38228
26 Kemp, Jane  12 Nov 1876Colac, Victoria, Australia I38225
27 Kemp, John  13 Jun 1872Colac, Victoria, Australia I38221
28 Kemp, Leonard Wray  1 Jul 1891Colac, Victoria, Australia I38336
29 Kemp, Marie Laura Annie  18 Nov 1896Colac, Victoria, Australia I38367
30 Kemp, Robert  10 Dec 1870Colac, Victoria, Australia I38326
31 Kemp, Sarah Jane Adeline  21 Jan 1880Colac, Victoria, Australia I38331
32 Kemp, William  13 Jun 1872Colac, Victoria, Australia I38223
33 Kemp, William Thomas  15 Dec 1875Colac, Victoria, Australia I38327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, George  1938Colac, Victoria, Australia I44293
2 Batchelor, Alice  22 Aug 1934Colac, Victoria, Australia I42924
3 Batchelor, Elizabeth  9 Jan 1913Colac, Victoria, Australia I42930
4 Batchelor, Jane  Bef 12 May 1857Colac, Victoria, Australia I42928
5 Batchelor, John  1 Dec 1943Colac, Victoria, Australia I42920
6 Batchelor, Robert  7 Jun 1940Colac, Victoria, Australia I42922
7 Batchelor, Sarah  14 Oct 1945Colac, Victoria, Australia I42919
8 Batchelor, William  1857Colac, Victoria, Australia I42921
9 Bell, Mary Cameron  1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I46781
10 Crowe, Ellen Theresa  1945Colac, Victoria, Australia I45689
11 Davis, Annie Mildred  1968Colac, Victoria, Australia I47651
12 Gaylard, Frederick  1895Colac, Victoria, Australia I118379
13 Harris, Charles Carlisle  Colac, Victoria, Australia I351610
14 Harris, David Philip  3 May 1947Colac, Victoria, Australia I44846
15 Harris, Gordon Henry  Colac, Victoria, Australia I351608
16 Harris, Jean Hilton  Colac, Victoria, Australia I351612
17 Harris, Philip Arthur  Colac, Victoria, Australia I351614
18 Harris, Walter James  31 Dec 2003Colac, Victoria, Australia I351609
19 Hislop, Robert  Abt 1950Colac, Victoria, Australia I20158
20 Jolly, Eva Matilda  1974Colac, Victoria, Australia I45824
21 Kemp, Albert Ernest  1914Colac, Victoria, Australia I48026
22 Kemp, Albert Ronald  22 Nov 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I38218
23 Kemp, Alexander  Bef 11 Feb 1938Colac, Victoria, Australia I33545
24 Kemp, Alexander James  1949Colac, Victoria, Australia I33544
25 Kemp, Alice Maude  9 Nov 1960Colac, Victoria, Australia I35948
26 Kemp, Allan Gordon  22 Aug 2001Colac, Victoria, Australia I90623
27 Kemp, Archibald Joseph  14 Dec 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I38363
28 Kemp, Bessie  1965Colac, Victoria, Australia I36151
29 Kemp, Charles William Edward  26 Jul 1960Colac, Victoria, Australia I38362
30 Kemp, David Henry  16 Dec 1950Colac, Victoria, Australia I38224
31 Kemp, Edith  19 Oct 1888Colac, Victoria, Australia I38335
32 Kemp, Elizabeth Jane  1951Colac, Victoria, Australia I35846
33 Kemp, Eva Lily  3 Jan 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I38361
34 Kemp, George  1962Colac, Victoria, Australia I38230
35 Kemp, Gordon Eric  23 Aug 1964Colac, Victoria, Australia I38337
36 Kemp, Harold Norman  7 May 1953Colac, Victoria, Australia I38217
37 Kemp, Henry  30 Oct 1921Colac, Victoria, Australia I1382
38 Kemp, Isabella Marion  Sep 1926Colac, Victoria, Australia I33132
39 Kemp, Ivy Margaret  Oct 1969Colac, Victoria, Australia I38365
40 Kemp, James Stewart  1976Colac, Victoria, Australia I38228
41 Kemp, Jane  20 Aug 1877Colac, Victoria, Australia I38225
42 Kemp, Jane  18 Sep 1918Colac, Victoria, Australia I33335
43 Kemp, John  22 May 1896Colac, Victoria, Australia I33329
44 Kemp, John  21 Apr 1953Colac, Victoria, Australia I38221
45 Kemp, Joseph  30 Sep 1920Colac, Victoria, Australia I1379
46 Kemp, Kenneth Roy  1948Colac, Victoria, Australia I35357
47 Kemp, Leonard Wray  3 Apr 1958Colac, Victoria, Australia I38336
48 Kemp, Leonard Wray  1971Colac, Victoria, Australia I46629
49 Kemp, Robert  1963Colac, Victoria, Australia I38326
50 Kemp, Sarah  28 Dec 1918Colac, Victoria, Australia I33309

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Alice  23 Aug 1934Colac, Victoria, Australia I42924
2 Batchelor, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1913Colac, Victoria, Australia I42930
3 Batchelor, Ellen  13 Apr 1943Colac, Victoria, Australia I42927
4 Batchelor, John  3 Dec 1943Colac, Victoria, Australia I42920
5 Batchelor, John Henry  27 Jun 1876Colac, Victoria, Australia I33310
6 Batchelor, Mary Ann  20 Jun 1930Colac, Victoria, Australia I42929
7 Batchelor, Robert  10 Jun 1940Colac, Victoria, Australia I42922
8 Batchelor, Sarah  16 Oct 1945Colac, Victoria, Australia I42919
9 Beat, William Brown  17 Aug 1885Colac, Victoria, Australia I33328
10 Cleaver, Vivienne Joan  15 Nov 2001Colac, Victoria, Australia I96952
11 Harris, David Philip  Aft 3 May 1947Colac, Victoria, Australia I44846
12 Kemp, Albert Ronald  Colac, Victoria, Australia I38218
13 Kemp, Alexander  11 Feb 1938Colac, Victoria, Australia I33545
14 Kemp, Alexander  11 Feb 1938Colac, Victoria, Australia I146018
15 Kemp, Alexander  7 Nov 1940Colac, Victoria, Australia I146017
16 Kemp, Alexander James  7 Nov 1949Colac, Victoria, Australia I33544
17 Kemp, Allan  28 Aug 2001Colac, Victoria, Australia I146021
18 Kemp, Archibald  14 Dec 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I146024
19 Kemp, Archibald Joseph  14 Dec 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I38363
20 Kemp, Arthur  7 Mar 1955Colac, Victoria, Australia I146025
21 Kemp, Arthur Clarence  7 Mar 1955Colac, Victoria, Australia I38231
22 Kemp, Charles  28 Jul 1960Colac, Victoria, Australia I146028
23 Kemp, Charles William Edward  28 Jul 1960Colac, Victoria, Australia I38362
24 Kemp, Colin  1944Colac, Victoria, Australia I33571
25 Kemp, Colin  19 Sep 1944Colac, Victoria, Australia I146030
26 Kemp, David  18 Dec 1950Colac, Victoria, Australia I146032
27 Kemp, David Henry  18 Dec 1950Colac, Victoria, Australia I38224
28 Kemp, Eleanor  Colac, Victoria, Australia I146033
29 Kemp, Eliza  13 Dec 1907Colac, Victoria, Australia I33327
30 Kemp, Elizabeth  17 May 1935Colac, Victoria, Australia I146037
31 Kemp, Ellen  6 Mar 1923Colac, Victoria, Australia I146040
32 Kemp, Ellen  11 Apr 1945Colac, Victoria, Australia I146039
33 Kemp, Ellen  4 Jun 2007Colac, Victoria, Australia I146041
34 Kemp, Eric  11 Apr 2006Colac, Victoria, Australia I146042
35 Kemp, Ernest  31 Jul 2014Colac, Victoria, Australia I146043
36 Kemp, Eva  5 Jan 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I146044
37 Kemp, Eva  11 Apr 2006Colac, Victoria, Australia I146045
38 Kemp, Eva Lily  5 Jan 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I38361
39 Kemp, George  21 Dec 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I38230
40 Kemp, George  21 Dec 1961Colac, Victoria, Australia I146048
41 Kemp, Gertrude  17 May 2012Colac, Victoria, Australia I146049
42 Kemp, Gordon  Colac, Victoria, Australia I146051
43 Kemp, Harold  9 May 1953Colac, Victoria, Australia I146053
44 Kemp, Harold Norman  9 May 1953Colac, Victoria, Australia I38217
45 Kemp, Henry  1 Nov 1921Colac, Victoria, Australia I146054
46 Kemp, Isabella  24 Jul 1970Colac, Victoria, Australia I146055
47 Kemp, Ivy  22 Oct 1969Colac, Victoria, Australia I146056
48 Kemp, Ivy Margaret  22 Oct 1969Colac, Victoria, Australia I38365
49 Kemp, James  18 Aug 1976Colac, Victoria, Australia I146057
50 Kemp, James Stewart  18 Aug 1976Colac, Victoria, Australia I38228

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Eric Sanson  1987Colac, Victoria, Australia I53923
2 Kemp, Thomas  Colac, Victoria, Australia I33134


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Batchelor / Kemp  23 Dec 1843Colac, Victoria, Australia F9928
2 Beat / Kemp  13 May 1855Colac, Victoria, Australia F9935
3 Butcher / Swanson  1937Colac, Victoria, Australia F17361
4 Harris / Sell  17 Aug 1910Colac, Victoria, Australia F13785
5 Kemp / Bright  7 Sep 1926Colac, Victoria, Australia F17360
6 Kemp / Ross  19 Mar 1914Colac, Victoria, Australia F11694
7 Kemp / Sanson  24 Feb 1903Colac, Victoria, Australia F10008
8 Kemp / Shannon  2 Jan 1880Colac, Victoria, Australia F9937
9 Kemp / Stewart  4 Sep 1866Colac, Victoria, Australia F9936
10 Kemp / Wray  1 Sep 1870Colac, Victoria, Australia F9867
11 Sell / Kemp  31 Mar 1877Colac, Victoria, Australia F9938
12 Spokes / Kemp  26 Jun 1906Colac, Victoria, Australia F11739