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Matches 1 to 25 of 25 for Tree equals ONS AND Branch equals KLN Guildford Surrey

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F31642
Fisher, William James Gibson, Mary Jane 1907  
2 F31636
Gardner, George Thomas Kemp, Mary Ann 29 Oct 1893 London, England, United Kingdom  
3 F31637
Gibson, Benjamin Kemp Tate, Eveline Aug 1923 Te Rehunga, New Zealand  
4 F31646
Gibson, Charles Albert Graham, Jessie Elizabeth 1917  
5 F31633
Gibson, George Sanson, Elizabeth   
6 F31652
Gibson, Graham Charles Yandle, Doris Blanche 12 Aug  
7 F31645
Gibson, Robert Benjamin Graham, Jane Agnes   
8 F31626
Harding, Oliver Kemp, Mary   
9 F31634
Kemp, Benjamin    
10 F31624
Kemp, Benjamin Reffold, Mary Anne 28 Aug 1864 Godalming, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
11 F31619
Kemp, George Chuter, Hannah Harriet 13 May 1843 Godalming, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
12 F31621
Kemp, James Raggett, Ann   
13 F31613
Kemp, John    
14 F31614
Kemp, John [--?--], Elizabeth   
15 F31615
Kemp, John Baxter, Elizabeth   
16 F31622
Kemp, John [--?--], Elizabeth   
17 F37656
Kemp, KLN Guildford Surrey    
18 F31616
Kemp, William Cole, Ann 12 Oct 1811 Witley, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
19 F31618
Kemp, William Giles, Jane 6 Jun 1833 Elstead, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
20 F31629
Kemp, William Knapp, Mary Ann 1872  
21 F31635
Kemp, William James Charles [--?--], Emily   
22 F31639
Linegar, Alfred Linegar, Edith   
23 F31625
Little, Moses Kemp, Hannah Jan 1863 Hambledon, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
24 F31630
Palmer, Edward Kemp, Emily Between Apr 1871 and Jun 1871 Auckland, Durham, England, United Kingdom  
25 F31623
Snelling, Edward Kemp, Jane 12 May 1856 Elstead, Surrey, England, United Kingdom