A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Matches 1 to 33 of 33 for Tree equals ONS AND Branch equals KLN Greenwich

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F32580
Bailes, John Kemp, Dorothy   
2 F32598
Cheesewright, Joseph Kemp, Ellen Harriet 3 Aug 1902 St. James, Bermondsey, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
3 F32569
Dingle, Charles William Snell, Ivy Sep Q 1926 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
4 F32570
Dingle, Edward George H Carter, Eleanor 1 Sep 1925 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
5 F32571
Dingle, Frederick R Wright, Amelia   
6 F32567
Dingle, William Kemp, Emma Jane 21 May 1903 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
7 F32563
Dingle, William James Davies, Florence Grace 14 Sep 1940 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
8 F32612
Franklin, Edward George Kemp, Esther 14 Feb 1918 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
9 F32564
Gregory, David Dingle, Beryl Ann 14 Jan 1967 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
10 F32575
Kemp, Charles Richard McTier, Eliza Jane 30 Nov 1873 Belfast, Ireland  
11 F39508
Kemp, Charles Thomas Walker, Grace Eleanor 15 Apr 1908 Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
12 F34218
Kemp, Charles Thomas Meaking, May 26 Jan 1919 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom  
13 F32576
Kemp, George Spencer, Gladys Ella 24 Aug 1912 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
14 F32587
Kemp, Henry William Burbidge, Alice   
15 F32584
Kemp, John [--?--], Mary Ann Bef 1813  
16 F32583
Kemp, John Newham, Eliza 1837 Bermondsey, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
17 F32602
Kemp, John Henry Mitchell, Elizabeth Agnes 1861 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
18 F37658
Kemp, KLN Greenwich    
19 F32590
Kemp, Robert Frederick Walter Paffard, Dorothy May   
20 F32588
Kemp, Robert Frederick Walter Cole, Annie Bef 1896  
21 F39812
Kemp, William Openshaw, Amelia Ann 11 Mar 1919 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
22 F32581
Kemp, William Bennett, Edna May 9 Jun 1945 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
23 F32586
Kemp, William Albert Bywaters, Lydia Hannah   
24 F32585
Kemp, William Albert Bywaters, Elizabeth Margaret 1 Feb 1865 St Annes Westminster  
25 F32577
King, Robert Henry Kemp, Letitia   
26 F32593
Munyard, Charles Kemp, Olive   
27 F32573
North, Horace Alfred Dingle, Ellen F Sep Q 1940 St. Alphege, Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
28 F32607
Nunn, John Kemp, Esther   
29 F32599
Pendreth, Leonard Cheesewright, Lydia   
30 F32572
Penn, Thomas Dingle, Gladys Elizabeth Jun Q 1945 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
31 F32578
Roberts, George Henry Dingle, Grace Joyce 6 Mar 1972 Greenwich Register Office  
32 F32611
Turner, Frederick William Kemp, Maria 16 Sep 1906 Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom  
33 F32592
Walters, Gus Kemp, Ethel Kate