A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Matches 1 to 21 of 21 for Tree equals ONS AND Branch equals KLN Ann Jones

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F10837
Badham, Bertie Cyril Kemp, Christina Ann 1916 Victoria, Australia  
2 F10809
Bell, Oliver Kemp, Martha Olive 26 Nov 1919 Victoria, Australia  
3 F16754
Bowtell, [--?--] Devlin, Ethel Annie   
4 F13786
Devereux, Louis Andrew Kemp, Sarah Ann Rhoda 1885 Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  
5 F10755
Devlin, Frederick Daniel Kemp, Charlotte Rebecca Beckam 1886 Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  
6 F10855
Garraway, William Kemp, Rita May   
7 F13787
Harris, [--?--] Devereux, Madalena Sarah   
8 F10747
Hayman, George Kemp, Sarah Anne Beckham   
9 F17471
Kemp, Allan William Roy    
10 F10836
Kemp, Charles Abraham Koenig, Emma Ellen 1885 Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia  
11 F10854
Kemp, Edward Reuben Moss, Alice May 1907 Victoria, Australia  
12 F9899
Kemp, Henry Jones, Ann 24 Jul 1849 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
13 F10542
Kemp, Henry William Burge, Martha Ellen 27 Apr 1875 St Peters Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
14 F9989
Kemp, Henry William Spillain, Theresa 1899 Victoria, Australia  
15 F17474
Kemp, KLN Ann Jones    
16 F14675
Kendall, [--?--] Devlin, Melba Virginia   
17 F10843
Mellor, Frank William Forster Kemp, Stella Alice 1913 Victoria, Australia  
18 F14898
Mullins, Charles Henry Kemp, Sarah Anne Beckham 1896 Victoria, Australia  
19 F14780
Pretty, [--?--] Devereux, Louisa Ann Jane   
20 F14782
Punton, [--?--] Devereux, Irene Eveline   
21 F14899
Young, [--?--] Mullins, Gladys May