A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Matches 1 to 35 of 35 for Tree equals ONS AND Branch equals KLN Ann Brewer

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F16700
Bishop, Albert Edward Kemp McLean, Beatrice Marie 1907 Victoria, Australia  
2 F5502
Bishop, Edward Charles Kemp, Emma 1873 Victoria, Australia  
3 F6093
Bowles, Keith Kemp, Florence 28 Sep 1932 Rochester, Victoria, Australia  
4 F38618
Canter, John Cooke, Vera 4 Nov 1944  
5 F38619
Cooke, Harry Gordon Eustace, Natalie   
6 F38620
Cooke, William Digory George Willis, Ellen 18 Jun 1889 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
7 F6265
Donald, Henry Anderson Bertram Kemp, Emma Louisa Maud 1904 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia  
8 F9753
Donald, Maurice Joseph Finlay Kemp, Ethel May 7 Aug 1917 South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
9 F11928
Elgar, Alfred Andrew Kemp, Mary Jean 1932 Victoria, Australia  
10 F79438
Frederick, John Bishop, Beatrice Marie 1938 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
11 F8966
Giovanetti, Gottardo Harris, Margaret Ann Phoebe 2 Apr 1881 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australian Colonies  
12 F5503
Hall, Thomas William Kemp, Elizabeth Ann 17 Apr 1873 Kyneton, Victoria, Australia  
13 F13781
Hall, [--?--] Hall, Amy Amelia Evelyn   
14 F5524
Harris, Josiah Lorenzo Theodore Kemp, Phoebe 10 Dec 1846 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia  
15 F6078
Hodges, Brooks William Kemp, Lilian Eileen 21 Feb 1939 Malvern, Victoria, Australia  
16 F14967
Hoy, [--?--] Bishop, Ethel May Jane   
17 F10824
Johnstone, Robert John Kemp, Mavis Elizabeth 6 Jun 1953  
18 F38635
Kemp, KLN Ann Brewer    
19 F6083
Kemp, Leslie Campbell, Rae Jean 2 Jan 1950  
20 F5501
Kemp, Robert Winter, Ann 8 Jun 1829 Sutton, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  
21 F43
Kemp, Robert Brewer, Ann 13 Jan 1846 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
22 F5
Kemp, Robert George Watson, Florence Elizabeth 5 Oct 1907 Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia  
23 F3
Kemp, Robert Watson Westbrook, Catherine Jean 24 Jun 1939 Daylesford, Victoria, Australia  
24 F38624
Kemp, William Moody, Phoebe 17 Mar 1799 Ealing, Middlesex, England, Great Britain  
25 F10537
Kemp, William George Grant, Elsie Alma Jean 30 Apr 1931 Rochester, Victoria, Australia  
26 F37
Kemp, William Robert Morris, Mary Ann 9 Feb 1879 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia  
27 F11949
Kemp, William Robert Wilkinson, Jane 1906  
28 F5504
McMurtrie, Alexander Hettrick Hall, Emma Merren Maude   
29 F30490
Menz, Rob Kemp, Julie Ann   
30 F14766
O'Leary, [--?--] Bishop, Elizabeth Maud   
31 F14796
Rosel, John Willis, Annie 4 Sep 1889 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia  
32 F5505
Van Every, Julian Philip McMurtrie, Merren Maude   
33 F38621
Willis, John Kemp, Phoebe Aft 1850  
34 F38629
Willis, William Henry Hooper, Maud Mary 10 Jan 1891 Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia  
35 F38628
Wood, Francis Willis, Elizabeth Frances 18 Mar 1891 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia